CLOSING - group order for people in the US?? No happy bags.

Looks like there will be no happy bags. Also, will be closing their US website and many of their US stores. I’m willing to set up a group order for people in the US. More info in the replies below.
Anyone in the US want to think of splitting a Lupicia Happy bag with me on January 1 2019? I don’t see any info for it yet, and I’d love to see what they would actually include in the happy bag before I commit to this. But the split can happen multiple ways.
1. Splitting each 50 gram bag into 25 grams in resealable bags (which I’d prefer anyway, as their bags aren’t resealable anyway)
2. Deciding half the 50gram bags you’d like and they remain unopened (though this might be harder, we might want the same teas)
3. Or some of each of 1 and 2. You get entire unopened 50 gram bags and also some resealable amounts of 25 grams.

Just something to keep in mind. I’ve had a mind to order one of these happy bags for years now, it really just depends on which teas they include.

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Though, now that I’m looking at their site, most of the teas I want look out of stock right now… like cinnamon cookie pu-er.

And I can receive the order, split the teas. I have a scale and some good resealable bags.

Pssst… I noticed that they have Cinnamon Cookie Puer and Sunny Fruits Puer back in stock today.

I am THRILLED about Cinnamon Cookie Puer. :D

Any idea on how much this would cost? I might be interested and much like you would want to see the list of teas first.

I don’t want to guess yet, as there isn’t any info up.

meowster said

I bought it this year, and it’s $50.

It doesn’t qualify for free shipping.

Even if you add the happy bag to your cart and $10 worth of other things? (On the site it says free shipping at $60)

meowster said

oh yea you’d get free shipping that way.

Sorry I just meant that the bag alone doesn’t qualify.

I got the happy bag + the cooler + a discounted tea.

Bunnieh said

I’d be open to doing it on option 1, depending on the total cost.

Inkling said

I might be interested in Option 1 as well!

They might not even have a happy bag this year… there is usually info up about it far in advance of January 1.

Babble said

I’m pretty sure they’re gonna have it. Last year they didn’t send anything out until Dec 27 (if my archives are correct).

And the year before that was Dec 14.

Thanks for the info, Babble

I’m on the Lupicia mailing list and haven’t seen anything yet, but if I get any info I’ll let you guys know.

Thanks, as I’m not on the mailing list somehow. haha

Still no news for this… only a week away… hmm

Cbuttmgoo said

Went into the San Jose shop today in search of their happy bags… sorry everyone—they don’t have them this year, and they told me they’re closing all California Lupicia shops (San Jose closes end of January 2019). The employee working also said the US website shop is closing too. Hawaii and Japan locations won’t close.

I kind of had a feeling Lupicia wasn’t doing great… darn.

Also, thanks for the info. I was looking on their site today.

WHAAAAT?! (sob)

In that case, does anyone want to split some teas for a group order before their website goes down?

I would be entirely happy with 25 grams of any of these, or if someone wants to try smaller amounts, that is fine too. (49 grams divided by 3 people would be 16.3 grams which sounds like an awesome sample size) Also, their free shipping limit is $60 if multiple people want to do this. You’d only have to pay for shipping from the tea splitter to you (unless you’re the tea splitter). Unless i’m the tea splitter? I have a scale, and good resealable bags, but I would also need some of the money up front?
I’m mainly interested in these, but of course don’t need to get them all… sadly they no longer have cinnamon cookie puer:
Rose Royal**
banane chocolat
chocolate and strawberry puer
Earl Grey
Golden Honeydew***
Peach melba
Matcha Kirara Rice
Strawberry & Vanilla
Tsugaru Green

Edited to add: Or if you wanted anything that no one else wants, that can be thrown in the order too.

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