Does anyone know where I might find a driptray similar to the one in this film? I really like the patterns of the grooves, and the fact that it is square; however, I could probably do without the drain hole and the printed writing. If I were any good at DIY I’d probably have a go at doing it myself. Get a large, chunky, bit of wood, and a router. I could maybe convert an old goban or something; however, that’s probably not going to happen, so if anyone knows where I could buy something instead, well, that would be great. Thanks.


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Teamood said

better a picture to show?

LuckyMe said

I would try Ali Express

I got one as a present, don’t remember if it came in an amazon box, but I do remember the yummy samples that came with and a card for Music City Tea.

Lumpkin said

It looks very special.

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