avillabon said

Permits for an online tea business

Im starting a small tea business online which will only offer 3 teas. I will most probably always use the same teas and providers who already take care of importing the product. I will be packaging what I buy in bulk and placing it in the mail. Do I need to get any kind of permits or FDA paperwork to do this?

Not really sure if this is the best place to post this but I noticed there are tons of small shops and online retailers active in this forum :)



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Alex: Yes, you will, although the requirements differ from state to state (and even from county/city to county/city). You’ll need to contact your local offices to see what kind of permits you’ll need.

avillabon said

Interesting.. I thought since i was reselling i didnt need one! Im happy I asked! thanks ill be sure to contact them. Any other things I should look into?

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You may also need to contact your local board of health too. Some of them have very strict ways in which you need to package your teas and handle them when you are packaging them.

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