teevogel said

Anyone up for a swap?

I think I’ve mentioned that I want to swap before. My cupboard still isn’t 100% up to date, but it’s pretty close now.

I’m still interested in teas from any countries I haven’t tried yet – although by now I’ve had teas from many places, there are still three whole continents from which I haven’t had any teas yet: Australia, North America, and Europe. The last one is kind of ironic, since I live in Europe! I’d also like to try more teas from Vietnam. Also there still is kind of a gap in my tea education, which I’d like to fill: China! Although I have a kind of fancy Yunnan(I think?) and have had samples of some fancy Oolongs(around the time I joined Steepster), my experiences with Chinese teas is otherwise mostly limited to the basics.

In terms of types of tea, I drink all of them(both all the “colours” of tea, and flavored and unflavoured), though I know next to nothing about Pu-Erh(I know there are two types, but I keep forgetting which is which, and I don’t know what they are actually supposed to taste like), and I tend to drink less green teas in winter(so it would probably make sense to wait with green teas until spring, unless you have a wintery flavoured green that you think is the best thing ever and everyone should try).

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