Re-imagining Verdant's Alchemy Line

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Oh no! I really wanted to get my hands on more of the Elderberry Pu-erh blend…darn!

Azzrian said

I was VERY lucky to get an order of that in RIGHT Before it was taken off the site! I had to go check as last time they were out of it! Before the switch that day it was available! I sure hope it was not a fluke and that I get it! I have not had the chance to try it yet.

Zeks said

It’s been taken off ?:( Damn. And I really liked it too …

Azzrian said

I just hope that it was not a fluke and I actually am able to get some. After I ordered I thought maybe I hit the site right during the transition and it was not really available anymore still.

Did you end up getting some?

Azzrian said

Yes I did!


Azzrian said

I would be willing to split with you what I have – I only got 1 oz and have had one cup of it so if you want to PM me I would not mind splitting what is left.

Aww thank you! I’m good I actually found some in the back of my tea cabinet last night. So I’m good. I just wish they still sold it!

Azzrian said

Yeah I know what ya mean. Well I am glad you found some! :) Thats the hard thing about specialized teas – they don’t last forever SIGH

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Hi everyone,
You might have noticed that we are currently out of stock on the Laoshan Black, which will be back in two weeks max, along with all the blends that use it. Apparently the spring harvest is remarkably good. I am excited to try it.

In the mean time, I have been wanting to make a chai with Zhu Rong black since getting it in, so I took the opportunity to offer a limited two week run of Zhu Rong Chai. The spices are a bit modified, with the addition of Rama Tulsi (Holy Basil), and the result is excellent. Very balanced and full body. If anyone wants to try out this experimental blend, the product page is up:

Also a reminder, our offer of a Finum permanent brew basket with any Alchemy order of $50+ is good unti the end of the month. (Sunday midnight CST). The new blends, and this fun Chai might be a good excuse to go for it. Thanks!

Babble said

I’m intrigued. Exactly how spicy is this chai compared to others? Does it work well without needing sweetener or milk?

Hi Rachel, there are actually no more spices than our Laoshan Chai. In terms of spice factor, it is very well balanced. I had it twice today without milk or honey. I like to blend Alchemy stuff to really show off the tea’s natural profiles. The Zhu Rong naturally has a sort of cayenne savory quality to it, but it is subtle. There is more going on in this chai with the coriander, citrus and cardamom. I steep for about 1 minute and get a very satisfying brew. Two minute steep yields a tea strong enough for milk and sugar to personal taste. We are brewing it iced tomorrow for the local farmer’s market, and it looks like that is going to work quite well too.

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The Spring 2012 Laoshan Black Harvest has arrived! I am stunned, as always, by the magic the He family works to outdo themselves each season. Wow! I left a short tasting note here:

I didn’t realize how much the Alchemy line relies on the wondrous Laoshan Black until it ran out. This shipment’s arrival means that the Curiosity Brew, Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black, Laoshan Chai, and Imperial Breakfast are back in stock! Check it out:

PS: I really shouldn’t be revealing this until it is up tonight at 6PM CST, but I am too giddy not to mention the new Mi Lan Dancong Black tea that came in with the Laoshan Black. The sample left me speechless. All the heady floral sandalwood of Mi Lan, and a rich satisfying chocolate body of black tea. The page will be up tonight under the Black tea section, and if you stock up on the replenished Alchemy teas or Laoshan Black, I would pick up some of this fifteen pound edition as well.

It’s live! The Mi Lan Black is up. So exciting…

Dinosara said

I’m still seeing the Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black listed as out of stock. Is it back out or just hasn’t updated properly? (I gotta have some of that tea! :D)

Hi Dinosara,
It is actually still out of stock, contrary to our expectations. We are waiting on our California-based supplier of dried citrus peel for a backorder. I am keeping my fingers crossed to have that particularly creamy dried orange back tomorrow. I will post an update when it is available again.

Hi again,
Our orange peel arrived, and it is a great sweet creamy batch. The Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black is back in stock:

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Zeks said

I have created an entry for summer type Laoshan Village Chai. Probably better to keep notes separate as the blends with the same name differ from season to season.

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