looking for special beautiful tea pots!

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TeaParT said

I always check out the teapots when I attend the tea parties hosted by my favorite tea shop. Since they use current teapots from their shop, it gives me the opportunity to see how it handles. Its a good way to see if it drips, etc. or that’s the excuse I tell my family when I come home with another teapot.


I consider it a plus that whenever I drop by to replenish my tea stash, I get to see such a wide variety of teapots.

Cofftea said

I love this one http://annateashop.com/3107.html, but I find it odd they’d say it’s good for matcha…

TeaParT said

I don’t know but I can ask them about it this weekend. I’m planning to go to their Jane Austen tea this Sat. Leave it to my family to figure out a way to double dip on the gift-giving – gave me the Valentine’s Tea as a Christmas present. HaHa

Seems like I remember them mentioning something about a change in their matcha the last time I was in the shop but I wasn’t shopping for it so … in one ear and out the other. Sorry.

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AJ said

Aah! Very relevant to this topic, the pretty little vintage teapot I mentioned, was in fact, purchased by my friend and sent to me as a gift.

http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=24457751 This one, to be exact. I was very surprised! The teaball is uselessly undersized (it looks less so in the photo because it is positioned closer to the camera), and I am not much of a fan of so few holes, but I love the pot. It’s just… pretty. The deep colour and gold paint. It’s pretty and British, and I feel uselessly girly gushing about it.

I wonder if my basket infuser will fit inside this one well enough. Hmm.

I guess the moral is, Etsy has some truly beautiful pots, from vintage to hand-made, and should be checked out!

wombatgirl said

Oh, it’s cute! Lucky you!

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wombatgirl said

I actually just got myself a lovely teapot – I’ve been doing some “paint your own pottery” at a local place, and I finally worked myself up to doing a teapot. It’s lovely, but I hadn’t realized how HUGE it is. It’s 8 cups, and didn’t actually work with the infuser I’d bought for it, because it was too big for it. Luckily I found another infuser that’s long enough to work. :)

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Feisty said

I’m personally a big fan of the Concert Teapot from Adagio. It took me a while to get used to the unusual appearance, but it’s beautiful when the tea light is lit and shining through your tea. And the biggest plus for me: It keeps your tea hot indefinitely! Excellent if you prefer not to spend a lot of time brewing the tea but aren’t the fastest tea drinker.

Adagio website: http://www.adagio.com/teaware/concert_teapot.html?sid=8d84352cd531516deeb706ac410c777f

Pictures of mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4706903942/in/set-72157624164657169/?addedcomment=1#comment72157624289505304

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TeaParT said

KaTEA is too modest to share her work but when I saw this post I had to let you guys know about it. I saw her teapots at an art fair in May and started chatting about tea. When she mentioned that she enjoyed tea, I coaxed her to check out Steepster. I had hoped to get some pics of her work last week but a few inches of rapid rain canceled the art show for this month. I did find a couple of photos of her work from the May show that I wanted to share.


Hopefully next month the weather will cooperate. We want to turn our first Steepster float trip into a Steepster meetup next month and maybe do a little tea swap. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her work. Maybe some of her influence will rub off on my kid’s work and I’ll get another teapot next year. Ha Ha

thanks for sharing! so cute and colorful

SoccerMom said

Those are some nice teapots!

KaTEA said

Teapots are my favorite to make, ok that and suns, hope you all enjoy them. I have a few more I have been working on they will be at the next show. If your on facebook you can see more pics just befriend me at kate beckett and match the pic from here….Oh and TeaParT thanks for the nice words..you are awesome!!

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