Verdant Tea Swap? Anyone?

Hey guys and gals I have two Verdant oolongs that I’m not really into. I was hopping that someone would like to do a Verdant tea swap for another Verdant tea.

These are the two teas up for swapping:
Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong
Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe

These are the Verdant teas that I have not tried and/or have:

Spring Harvest Dragonwell Style Laoshan Green
Spring Harvest Laoshan Green

Laoshan White
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle White Cake

Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong
Tong Tian Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong

Wild-Picked Yunnan Jin Jun Mei

Tea Trail 2004: Willow Grove Workshop
Mt. Banzhang Farmer’s Cooperative ’03 Sheng
Star of Bulang ’06 Sheng
Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe

I have a little under half of a bag of both. If anyone would like to swap please let me know.


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jones5874 said

I would love to try those, but I’m not willing to part with my other Verdant teas!

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ok. Anyone else?

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Still looking for someone? I would never turn down some Big Red Robe or the Huang Zhi for that matter. I have enough of the greens and Tong Tian Phoenix Mountain Dancong, but not enough of the others (though they do offer sample sizes now). Let me know if you are still interested or if they have found a home and what you mean by “half a bag”, did you order an ounce of each? Or are they from an oolong tasting set?

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Yes I sill have them. I have not purchased anything from Verdant since I took a few months off to juice, but now I am getting back into tea.

If you would like to mail me a list of verdant teas that you have, we can see what we would like to trade.
I will follow you.

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