Fancy a biscuit?

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mbanu said

Depends. Are you a dunker or a non-dunker? :) Do you want something heavy or something light?

The best light dunkers in my opinion are actually Rich Tea Biscuits. :) Simple, but tasty. If those are too bland, maybe Marie biscuits, which sometimes have a little vanilla thrown in. If you don’t like having to break the biscuits in half to dunk them, many come in finger-shaped varieties.

For a bit more substantial dunker, wholemeal digestive biscuits are pretty nice. McVitie’s is the main brand, but Burton’s aren’t bad either.

For flavored biscuits, I like Malted Milks (has little pictures of cows on it) and Nice coconut biscuits. :)

Some folks have a problem with being slow dunkers; with a plain biscuit, there’s the risk it will disintegrate if you’re not quick enough. The two main solutions to this seem to have been chocolate reinforcement on one side, or gluing two together with sticky creme or jam adhesive. In the chocolate category, Cadbury makes a milk chocolate digestive biscuit that’s not bad. Crawford’s Bourbons and Custard Cream sandwich biscuits fall into the sticky creme category (not my first choice, honestly, but some people swear by them), and I guess under jam you have things like Jammie Dodgers and those weird face things whose name I can’t remember.

Really, though, there’s all sorts of nice biscuits. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes (These are sort of like Mallomars… I guess you could break the bottom off and dunk it), Mint Viscounts, ginger nuts (not actually nuts – sort of a type of ginger snap), even Kit-Kats aren’t bad, although the American variety is full of preservaties. :)

Uniquity said

I am so impressed with the level of thought you’ve put into the dunking process!! I’m not much for biscuits but now I want to dunk arrowroots. Weird? Maybe.

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