Are you sweet or unsweet?

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100% straight tea. Ive never tried adding anything to my tea before, not that I am against it at all. Is rock sugar or honey better to add to tea??

Well, honey has more health benefits, but also adds a distinct flavour to the tea. If you’re still wanting to just taste the tea, just a bit sweetened, then rock sugar is your better bet.

Chizakura said

I second Starfevre. Honey will alter the flavor quite noticeably, especially since you always drink your tea straight.

good to know, maybe I will pick up some rock sugar in case I feel the need to sweeten my tea

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I’ll always try a tea without anything in it to see what it tastes like first. But usually I end up adding some sort of sweetener to it before too long. Very rarely I’ll add milk to a tea, usually if it’s spicy like chai.

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