I can't believe that happened!

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I have a lovely hand-made mug I bought when we took a vacation out to California in 2006. The bottom half is rough and unglazed with sculpted seashells connecting the handle to it and the top is painted sea-green and glazed. One morning I was getting out my blue willow china cup for my morning tea, my fingers slipped, and the cup landed on the edge of my mug. The cup, thankfully, was fine. My mug however had a large chip out of the rim :(

oh no, that’s the worst!
That happened to me the other day, I broke the handle off of my favorite turquoise mug. Luckily I had super glue nearby, that could have been fatal.
Did the chip break into a million pieces, or is it glueable?

It was three pieces and I couldn’t find the two tiny ones just the largest one. Luckily it wasn’t a huge chip, the mug is still usable, but I do have to be…mindful of how I hold it when I try drinking from it. It is a large enough chip to make the mug nearly useless in my other passion though. No one really wants photos with a chipped mug in it.


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