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We have monthly give a ways and prizes on our Facebook!

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Pinterest: Just started using Pinterest today! Will mostly focus on: tea, hagi ware, vegan food, nature, and horror.


I’m mindful not to post too often so that I won’t clutter up the news feed sections.

Thanks, now following :)

Helena said

I’ll follow Stacy and the Good Morning Sunshine anywhere :D


By the way—what is “Butiki?”

Helena said

“Butiki is the Tagalog word for lizard and is pronounced “boo-ti-key”. Lizards are very common household guests in the Philippines " quoted from her website :D

Yes, Helena is right! I once wrote up this really long story about why I chose this as a company name and logo and now I can’t find it. Oh well. Here’s the short version. My husband is Philippino and in 2006 a close cousin of his was getting married in the Philippines. While I was excited to visit the Philippines, I wasn’t necessarily thrilled that we would be staying with his parents for a while. I don’t always get along with his mother which is putting it kindly. During the trip I learned a lot about their culture, which would have been quite different if we were there as tourists. This sharing and learning about cultures is something that I wanted to be represented in my tea company so I wanted to pick out something that represented that trip and I chose the butiki because it was really the mascot of our trip. As it turned out, I did get along very well with his mother for that trip at least.

Nik select said

Awesome story. =)

Thanks :)

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JasonCT said

Two things:

1) We like your profile picture here.

2) Consider yourself followed.

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TeaCouncil said

I am on Twitter @
Just joined Pinterest @

I am always on my blog,
My blog is still very new. If anyone has any interesting tea story, pass it along, I will be happy to post it on my blog. :)

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I’m on FB and Pinterest just search for my name. Feel free to be selective about which of my boards you follow on Pintrest ( I have a Tea one and a Geek one that may be of interest to people here, but if you don’t want to see lots of pics of Celtic and Norse gods on your stream then don’t follow those and the holiday boards). Not sure what you would get out of friending me on FB besides photos of me and my toddler ;)

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DaisyChubb said

I’m Daisychubb on twitter :D

We find delight in your name, but we aren’t sure why. Followed!

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Chellybean said

I am a twitter addict


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Well, Steepster may be my favorite community online, but I do deliver a good amount of content (articles, pictures, podcasts, and videos) through Verdant’s other social media outlets. Feel free to chat with me on any of them!

Facebook (used to announce new teas, etc):
Twitter (used more for sharing tea thoughts, quotes etc):
Youtube (Verdant TV):
Pinterest (for sharing tea beauty):

I had a blog before starting Verdant Tea, but now it is all on the Verdant website:

These other communities provide interesting and different ways to talk tea culture. I am always excited to find new people who are in to tea.

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Do come and say hello, we really do enjoy interacting with our clientele!

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Here is my new Facebook page for iHeartTeas…

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