Tea Time comic

I thought some of you might get a laugh out of today’s “Two Lumps”.


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wombatgirl said

Cute! :)

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AJ said

Hmm, this has made me think. There should be a Tea Time Webcomic (or other similarly tea-named). Of course, knowing the life of comics based around past times like tea, it will start out as a series of strip-punchline comics, and then it’ll just develop plot. And who wants plot.

There should. Maybe you should write it! I’ll stop you when you get plot-y.

AJ said

Hahah, I don’t know what I would write. I’m not that creative. Nor am I very good with punchlines.

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Shanti said

Okay, I am dead. DEAD. I looked at the first comic of Two Lumps (http://twolumps.net/d/20040316.html) and the cat refers to himself as “Ebenezer Dusk, Esq.”…which is hilarious because my sister and I always say that our cat Wendy introduces herself as “My name is Gwendolyn T. Feline, Esq.” in an English accent, and pronounces “Esq.” as “esk”. LOL!

Well, yeah, aside from that one tea reference it’s a great comic in it’s own right. I’ve been reading it for ever!

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