Harney and Sons Tea

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Just letting everyone know, John Harney’s 82nd birthday is being celebrated in part by a Website sale. If you’ve been looking at a shopping cart of Harney tea, now might just be the time!

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Looking at the site, I don’t see any Earl Grey Creme. Plenty of Earl Grey… just none with creme?

Harney and Sons does not sell an Earl Grey with Creme or Vanilla flavorings, but we do have our VERY popular Paris blend, which is a creamy, caramel and slightly fruity black tea with a hint of bergamot.

Actually, I tried a sample of Paris the other day! It was VERY delicious… and that was why I was on the Harney site in the first place! :D

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darby select said

Thanks Harneys! I’ve been wanting to order!

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Ag select said

I’ve tried Boston, Florence, and Paris. Being a chocolate and Nutella lover, I love Florence. My friend who loves anything remotely citrus-flavoured really enjoys Paris. Boston is pretty good, too.

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Takarabune said

I’m quite curious about their teas, especially ‘Scottish Morn’ and ‘Hot Cinnamon Spice’… Rumor has it their sachets aren’t as flavorful as the loose leaf variety. Thoughts?

Claire said

I like Harney’s black tea blends, although I haven’t tried either of those. If the Scottish Morn is anywhere near as good as their other blends though, I’d certainly recommend it. When I’m at school I typically drink sachets or bags I bring myself, and lately I’ve been having their Earl Grey Supreme in pyramid bag form. It’s really flavorful, and my travel mug is 14oz.

Takarabune said

Thanks for your feedback, Claire! I really like the idea of sachets, especially when traveling. The Earl Grey Supreme sounds yummy, too!

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I love their Earl Grey Supreme. I believe this must be the tea that Picard would order! EG Hot.
Beam me up Scotty…yes, I AM a nerd:) live long and prosper and drink a cup of tea.

Shmiracles said

omg hilarious. tonight i’m just gonna follow you around the tea internet haha bazinga!
Picard “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” Clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2IJdfxWtPM

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yssah said

@shmiracles: so that’s what they’ve been talking about, lol.

after reading so many posts on h&s, im pining for their tea now….

Lynxiebrat said

I think you would like their Tower of London yssah. Has Bergamot, but it’s almost like a ‘candy’ tea.

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