Jesse T said

A tetsubin problem- help?


So I recently received a kotobuki tetsubin, only a couple years old, from a friend. She got the tetsubin from a yard sale, and where it is in very good shape, some of the paint on the inside of the spout is chipping. A couple questions.

What’s wrong with it? Was it washed incorrectly?

Although I rigorously brushed off the ripping paint, is it safe to drink from?


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chadao said

It may have been mishandled or dropped. The purpose of the paint on the inside of the pot is to keep it from rusting. It will be safe to drink from it as long it is kept from rusting. I’ve heard of people putting clear nail polish on the parts where the enamel is chipped, and it seems to work just fine.

Jesse T said

Awesome, you’re the best :)
Thank you :)

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