scottjb said

Straight from Taiwan - Formosa oolong recommendations

I have a coworker visiting family in Taiwan next month, and he’s offered to pick up some tea for me while he’s there. :)

Suggestions on what I should request? I’m thinking a Muzha Tieguanyin and an Alishan, but what else would you request if you had similar access to someone willing to fly teas home for you?


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chadao said

Alishan is definitely a good brew. I once tried a Taiwanese wulong from Seven Cups, called Qilaishan Long Wu, which was simply amazing. The gardens of Qilaishan are much higher in elevation than Alishan and produce a rich, buttery tea that shows its best colors when brewed gongfu style.

This tea is very hard to find here in the States. If your coworker can get his hands on some of it, that would be wonderful for you. I am sure you will enjoy it immensely.

I might also recommend a Formosa Bai Hao. If you like flavored teas, then the coconut pouchong is always a good choice. But, nothing compares to that Qilaishan Long Wu.

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scottjb said

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn’t heard of Qilaishan but will definitely ask for it.

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TeaVivre said

Taiwan’s high mountain teas are also very famous at home and abroad. Such as Milk Oolong(well-known for its natural milk flavor), Dong Ting Oolong(naturally sweet, fruity aroma), as well as Ginseng Oolong tea. Also Oriental Beauty is another good Oolong tea from Taiwan, it belongs to dark Oolong, covered with white tips, and taste both mellow and sweet!

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