Updates to the Steepster Select Subscription

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Azzrian said

Got mine too :)

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I am so sad that this is it for a while. I loved my SS boxes, always full of surprises and goodies!

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TanninBomb said

Is there any plan to bring this back soon? I would love to get this!

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I’m bringing this one back… I signed up for the Steepster Select at the end of last month and was wondering if anyone knows when they send out their boxes? I’m still waiting for my Amoda box too. :(

Wow, I’m surprised you’re still waiting for the Amoda box being in WA… I guess that means I won’t see mine this week ;D

I have been seeing the Steepster box being shipped on or around the 13th.

:‘-( Hopefully they come in over the weekend… I’ll update when it does so that you can get an ETA. ;)

Thank you TeaTiff I’ll quit hounding the mailbox.

I think I got an email saying they shipped out :). Hopefully some good teas for a newbie tea-ster like me!

I hadn’t heard about Amoda yet. I will have to check them out.

Suziqzer That’s great news! This is my first time trying a tea box subscription so I’m not sure what to expect…but once I get the Amoda box, I’ll let you know how it is.

Jason admin said

Hey, sorry I’m just responding now. The updates on this thread got mixed in with updates about the new tea page (which I’m just getting around to addressing) so I didn’t see this one.

For shipping, we ship on or before the 20th of each month (earliest we’ve shipped so far is the 13th). If you have any questions about your specific subscription, feel free to shoot us an email feedback at steepster.com.

Thanks for subscribing!

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