noordelijk said

Best thermos for tea to-go?

I’ve used a glass noble thermos from DavidsTea for awhile, but recently switched over to something more durable – a contour, stainless steel thermos from Teavana. Both of them have metal baskets for steeping, don’t leak or drip, and hold a decent amount of tea.

The only problem I’m now having with my new Teavana thermos is, because I am sipping from a plastic lid, not glass, the plastic is effecting the taste of my tea. I don’t know if this is just because it’s so new, or if it will stay this way.

The glass thermos didn’t effect taste at all, but I was always worried about breaking it, seeing as it’s something for taking tea on the go.

Curious now what the best thermos out there is, what do you prefer to use?

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BiggieG said

I use a zojirushi, which has a plastic lid, but which doesn’t seem to affect the taste too badly. No idea why. Stainless steel otherwise, my only complaint is it could be twice the size and last me all day – have only started using it again since I began the tea thing!

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Ricky admin said

I’ve used an unbranded Teavana thermos ( before and I had the same problem you are describing. What I ended up doing is removing the plastic lid when I drank the tea. I also stopped using the plastic lid altogether and started using the tea basket. If I were to get another tumbler or thermos, I’d probably go with a glass one that was protected on the outside.

The zorji tuff mug looks pretty good. It probably doesn’t affect the tea as much since it has a smaller footprint compared to the plastic lid on the Teavana thermos.

There’s also a Steepster discussion thread here about “best thermoses.”

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