rantHappy said

Tetsubin Enamel Peeling


So I bought a tetsubin teapot from Teavana around two weeks ago, and the enamel inside is already peeling off around where the mesh infuser is put into the pot. I haven’t used any soap or anything in or outside of the pot. I also haven’t put it over a heat source. The worst I’ve done to it is pour boiling water into it, but I always make sure to warm it up with how water before hand. I rinse it out with hot water and dry it off afterwards, then allow it to air dry.

I was wondering if I potentially got a bad pot, or what to do from now. I figured I’d go to Teavana and see if I can exchange it, or if other people know their pots to be bad, if I should try to return it.

Thanks for any advice.

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erik_s said

I don’t have any experience with peeling enamel on a tetsubin, but I do have a good deal of experience with lacquers and enamels. If it’s peeling it was done poorly and should be returned. Similarly to what happens when a non-stuck frying pan starts to peel, you should stop using it because you will ingest bits of enamel, and that is not good for you.

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