Tea & Books - What are you reading?

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Julebug773 said

Recently finished We Are Never Meeting In Real Life – a brilliant, hilarious, and touching collection of personal essays by Samantha Irby. Loved it and laughed out loud the whole way through.

Currently reading David Sedaris’ new book, Calypso. So far, so good :)

Crazy Rich Asians series.
Finished 2 books. On the last book!

I never read so this is rare lol.

Saw the movie and felt they crammed everything in there. Was good, but obviously the book is way better.

Avi Singh said

Currently I’m reading Short Stories by Nikolai Gogol. This book was actually in my Grandfather’s collection and an Aunt had recommended it to me. So far, it has not disappointed.

It will make you guys laugh, but yeah – it´s book called “Mathematics, the fundamentals of differential and integral calculus”

mtchyg said

I had like 5 math puns all typed out and then I felt the need to see myself out. They just didn’t add up. Sorry. haha

Psyck said

I would differentially submit that your puns did not add up as you needed to integrate them.

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