Free The Leaves !

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Dan said

Wow, and here I thought only espresso people were serious, myself being an ex espresso drinker and having an expensive white elephant sitting on my counter not being used. I love the ritual of making my tea with loose tea, however when I get up in the morning with no time I reach for my tea bags. I will continue to use both, its who I am. While I appreciate the thoughts of everyone, we all have to remember that all people are individuals with different tastes. Happy tea drinking…

As a former coffee and tea shop proprietor, I would have to say in a general sense that tea fanatics have a better palate that coffee fanatics. (note: This in no way discriminates against any race, creed, society or theo/philosophical point of view)
But I have met lovers of both with superb palates.
Some might say that wine lovers the most amazing snobs after all, it’s only grape juice (note: This in no way discriminates against any race, creed, society, wine lover or theo/philosophical point of view )
Steepster has shown us all that tea brings together many people with differing points of view across the spectrum, to share our thouughts on tea.

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