Verdant Tea - Who would like a Paypal option?

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Thanks for all the feedback! The point about not having a card on hand, or not wanting to get it is a good one. Because of this discussion, I pushed for us to support login on the site so that if you check out once, you can opt to have all the info saved for one click checkout the next time.

A Paypal instant payment option is also in the works -just a bit more complex to implement on our particular platform. Next time anyone checks out, you can give our login a try. Our plan is to keep expanding functionality to members until we are at the point where you can see order history, track shipments, get tea recommendations, etc. from a member home page. Lots of fun challenges for us to figure out.

The problem I see with this is that I don’t like to save my credit card information on websites. There are so many other places that I have to have my credit card on file, that I am reluctant to save it elsewhere, and I usually opt out when I’m asked to save my credit card. Having had too many instances where my credit card information has been stolen, I think that it’s better not to have too many lines of bait from which to nibble, so I try to limit it as much as possible.

Ultimately, paypal is still my preferred option.

Hi LiberTeas. That is an understandable concern that I have put a good deal of thought into. We do not store any financial information at all. The info is saved on a secure hosted server that our shopping cart platform runs. It is submitted with pretty intense encryption and stored encrypted. Nobody, even if they could see the files, would be able to retrieve the info without an encryption key. We just enlisted the help of TrustE as a third party inspector to make sure that we are following privacy and info control guidelines as well.

Still, I understand the issue. I had Geoffrey set up the account sign up so that you can save just address info without credit card info. That at least saves a bit of time at checkout but still gives you control. Paypal checkout is likely coming soon. It just doesn’t play very well with the system we built so there is some custom work on coding we have to do to make it a perfect and easy user experience. Thanks for the input!

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Will you still have the current payment method, and Paypal as an option; or will the whole payment system be switched over to Paypal?

Hi- We will definitely keep our current system. I love the checkout and cart, and spent many many hours making sure it had the kind of design and functionality that I would love to see more often as a customer. I like the one-page single step checkout and the simple cart as a window without getting in the way or taking you away from what you are looking at.

Paypal would be an option to go along with “Checkout” in the cart, but not replace our current option. I have plans to keep enhancing the option we currently offer with multiple shipping methods offered, and eventually member product recommendations, etc.

I really like the current system with the single page and the cart window like you. I find it’s simple and well laid out, very user friendly. I also like that it doesn’t save your information, it may seem like an inconvenience sometimes, but I feel more secure that way. So, I’m really glad to hear that you’re keeping the current system.

I’m also glad to hear there are some options/control of saving information with the new account sign. The product recommendations sounds pretty neat too.

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As an aside, has anyone here heard of Dwolla? Does anyone use it instead of Paypal? It looks like a friendlier and simpler younger brother of Paypal, plus it looks like a good team that runs the company. Does anyone use Google Checkout / wallet? I know that neither of these two options are as widely used as Paypal, but thought it was worth asking.

I do not use any of those options (although I’m curious to hear any response from others myself), I just wanted to note here that one thing I have not remembered to say which I have been meaning to comment on for a while is: the website looks REALLY great these days, very nice and easy to navigate.

Also, I have never used a Paypal invoice before…throwing this out to anyone who can answer: if I just send a request though the contact form for X tea, Y amount, and assuming the email I use through Paypal is the same…does an email invoice just show up on a Paypal account? Slightly confused as to how that would work.

When you send in a request for a custom order, etc, and I create a Paypal invoice, I can send it to any email of yorus regardless of accounts. That email will list your order and have a “Pay with Paypal” button. You click, and it takes you to a checkout browser window just like ordering online. From that point, you can choose to pay from your Paypal balance or a credit card. It is pretty handy actually.

Thanks for the compliments on the site. I am really happy to have this site to present the teas in a clean and respectful way, and to facilitate such easy publishing of my articles, videos, podcasts, etc. Very fun to have!

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