2019: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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Kittenna said

How is everyone doing so far? Sticking to your goals (if you have them?) My spending is not too terrible yet, but I can already tell that I’m gearing up for some serious spending when sales hit.

hawkband1 said

I have a $200 White2Tea order chilling in a cart on my phone. It could be higher if I add back in the teas I really want.

Dustin said

Yup! Still zero spent on tea! I feel like I’m starting to see a dent in my cupboard too!

I did buy Foggy Coconut at the very beginning of the year when I had the chance, because you never know when 52Teas is going to reblend your favorite so I felt I had to jump on that! Other than that, I haven’t bought any tea this year! I did buy some of that Mandala “Super Soak” and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was at taking the years of stank and stain off my gravity well infusers! I also bought myself a big British-style teapot for my birthday (I’m a St. Pattie’s baby and it had clovers all over it… I felt a calling!)

Dustin said

Something along those line would have been hard for me to pass up as well. If Butiki did a reunion tour, I’d jump off this self imposed ban immediately!

I’m at around $1200 right now – which is A LOT, but I’m also finishing off my tea at a very equivalent rate to how often new tea is coming in. I’m quite proud of that! Also, since I spent about $3900 last year that averages to around $325 monthly – following that estimate, by end of April I would have been at $1300; so I am technically still doing better than last year!

Oh my gosh! I WISH Butiki would come back! Otherwise, I’ve spent no money on tea this year. It’s probably the longest I’ve went without buying tea for a while now, so I think I’m doing good. But I still have plenty of ‘new-to-me’ tea in the cupboard that I’m trying to drink at least once.

Kittenna said

@Dustin + Mastress Alita – great job! I don’t think I’m seeing any dent, heh. And I’m also still buying…
@Roswell Strange – it’s not too bad if you’re balancing in and out! I fear I’m still too heavy on the in :(

hawkband1 said

I still have tea coming in (White2Tea Club) so I’m not doing so well in balancing the in/out. I go through tea faster as work so I’m bringing in my less liked teas here to try to push through them.

I’m basically on a No-Buy right now till I can drink down some of what I have. I have a tea box coming this month from 52teas that I actually purchased LAST month, but then I canceled the subscription after one month because I didn’t like the idea of paying nearly two months in advance of getting my tea. So whatever this month’s box is that will be it.
I really want to make a YS order for 2019 teas but I just have so much right now I’m not drinking. So yeah, gonna try and drink some first.

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