2019: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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Kittenna said

How is everyone doing so far? Sticking to your goals (if you have them?) My spending is not too terrible yet, but I can already tell that I’m gearing up for some serious spending when sales hit.

hawkband1 said

I have a $200 White2Tea order chilling in a cart on my phone. It could be higher if I add back in the teas I really want.

Dustin said

Yup! Still zero spent on tea! I feel like I’m starting to see a dent in my cupboard too!

I did buy Foggy Coconut at the very beginning of the year when I had the chance, because you never know when 52Teas is going to reblend your favorite so I felt I had to jump on that! Other than that, I haven’t bought any tea this year! I did buy some of that Mandala “Super Soak” and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was at taking the years of stank and stain off my gravity well infusers! I also bought myself a big British-style teapot for my birthday (I’m a St. Pattie’s baby and it had clovers all over it… I felt a calling!)

Dustin said

Something along those line would have been hard for me to pass up as well. If Butiki did a reunion tour, I’d jump off this self imposed ban immediately!

I’m at around $1200 right now – which is A LOT, but I’m also finishing off my tea at a very equivalent rate to how often new tea is coming in. I’m quite proud of that! Also, since I spent about $3900 last year that averages to around $325 monthly – following that estimate, by end of April I would have been at $1300; so I am technically still doing better than last year!

Oh my gosh! I WISH Butiki would come back! Otherwise, I’ve spent no money on tea this year. It’s probably the longest I’ve went without buying tea for a while now, so I think I’m doing good. But I still have plenty of ‘new-to-me’ tea in the cupboard that I’m trying to drink at least once.

Kittenna said

@Dustin + Mastress Alita – great job! I don’t think I’m seeing any dent, heh. And I’m also still buying…
@Roswell Strange – it’s not too bad if you’re balancing in and out! I fear I’m still too heavy on the in :(

hawkband1 said

I still have tea coming in (White2Tea Club) so I’m not doing so well in balancing the in/out. I go through tea faster as work so I’m bringing in my less liked teas here to try to push through them.

I’m basically on a No-Buy right now till I can drink down some of what I have. I have a tea box coming this month from 52teas that I actually purchased LAST month, but then I canceled the subscription after one month because I didn’t like the idea of paying nearly two months in advance of getting my tea. So whatever this month’s box is that will be it.
I really want to make a YS order for 2019 teas but I just have so much right now I’m not drinking. So yeah, gonna try and drink some first.

LuckyMe said

I’m at $205 so far which isn’t bad. Spring is where most of my tea expenditures occur as the new teas begin rolling out. Still have to get a few more spring green teas and oolongs.

I already blew past last year’s teaware spending buying a few Japanese teacups and with my Jade Leaf shibo this month. I’m at $138 vs $58 last year for teaware. Mostly content with the teaware that I have now and don’t expect any more purchases for a while (don’t hold me to that though)

Well, that no-buy lasted about two months. Then Dragonglass Dragonwell and an Adagio Birthday order happened. It only totaled about 25 dollars between the two so I’m still okay. I’m still really wanting to make that YS order though. I don’t know if June or July but it is bound to happen. I’m also tempted by the new W2T spring stuff, but I don’t know if I can even come close to affording the stuff I want. Oh well.

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So, it’s June. We’re getting to halfway through the year folks. How is them No-Buys holding out? Are you sticking to your budget? Have you gone way over budget? Seen that special teaware that you just HAD to have and thought “Yep, need the shinies now”. Fill me in guys I’m dying to know!

If you go look at the 1st page you can see my running tally.

Spoilers: I’m not doing so well.

hawkband1 said

I’m at half of the budget at about half the year. I’m doing okay. Still want to buy from White2tea (still will buy!) which will bust my budget.

Dustin said

I still haven’t bought any tea! I’m pleased and a little shocked with myself. I do have mental notes going on the teas I want to buy when this is over. We might end up in Paris this fall and if that happens I’m not restraining myself. I’ll jump off this ban SO fast and thoroughly.

Well guys, I did in fact kill my no-buy. I broke down and ordered from 52teas. About 50 dollars worth. I kicked myself once I did though because I paid $51 for tea and $4 for shipping when free shipping is at $52. OOPS. But I got some more Ginger Cola that was back in stock (I’ve pretty much decided it’s my favorite) and bought some other teas as well.

I have come to an agreement with the keeper of the funds that, rather than invest in a specific subscription, I just have so much every month set aside as a tea fund. That way, I can order what I want and not have to worry about when my box is coming or whatever.

derk said

I updated my running total on page 3. If you want to feel good about yourself, check it out, heh. I was almost in the clear for 3 months straight until I tried Dots and Loops from August Uncommon and bought a variety of their current offerings. $27 isn’t a tragedy.

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Brian said

i hit 500$ and im done. samples of all the highend puerh from w2t and samples of all the 2019 line from puerhsk, and a pot and cup from puerhsk.

im out. ha

Kittenna said

Sounds like a nice haul!

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Lumpkin said

I have already collected a lot of kinds of tea, I want to spend about a hundred dollars a month on tea.

Kittenna said

That’s a good goal!

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Loot said

Well, this will be depressing haha…

I’ve recently been thinking about how much I’ve spent on tea lately. This post comes at a very coincidental time…

Feb –
Crimson Lotus Tea – $88.97

Mar – $348.78
Crimson Lotus Tea – $244.72
Music City Teas – $56.06
Great Wheel Studio- $48.00

April -
Crimson Lotus Tea – $222.97

May -
Crimson Lotus Tea – $71.97

July – $189.01
Crimson Lotus Tea -$114.97
White2tea – $74.04

Ok, so drum roll….

GRAND TOTAL… = $921.07

A lot of this was expense of getting into tea so, I’ll cut my self a little bit of a break… I’ll shoot for $50 /month from here on out.

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LuckyMe said

So I spent about $110 recently on orders from Mountain Stream Teas, Verdant, Yuuki-Cha, and Tea from Taiwan. That brings my grand total for the year to $315. Now that I have enough spring greens and oolongs to last me for a few months, I should be good to sip down my current stash.

I’ll be traveling next month and might visit Mei Leaf in London. If I do, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll be bringing back some tea for me as souvenirs :-)

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I am, somehow, spending bit less then expected. I pay 310 CZK per month for my Bird and Blend subscription, and I do not buy much other teas. Then there are some exchages – I should include that too. But overall it is much less than you guys. But I need some money for Uni, so I am trying to be careful about spending.

And I forgot, I made order at Farmerleaf which was pricey, because of customs. But so worth!

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