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How to brew the perfect Cuppa?

Hello Steepsters,

All of us have tasted different types of tea, starting from Green tea to pu-erh. Most of us have always followed the standard preparation instructions present with the tea package. Have anyone ever wondered how to steep the best tea and the factors involved in brewing the perfect cuppa tea?

As Chinese and Japanese tea masters say, the preparation of tea in itself is a enjoyable experience.
This link (http://teacouncil.net/make-the-perfect-cup-of-tea/) explains the factors involved in making the perfect cuppa and also the scientific reason behind those factors. It also provides some useful tips.

Check it out…

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Wonderful information. And all this time I thought a cup was a cup, not 3/4 of a cup.

TeaCouncil said

Yes.. And the information about the teaspoon… No wonder my tea tastes bitter sometimes.

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