2019 Year of the Sipdown Challenge

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Y’all got me – out of curiosity I went and counted how many sipdowns I’m at thus far in January, and the total is actually nineteen. So, essentially, one for every day of the month.

I do feel like it’s a different sort of comparison though given the size of my tea stash and the nature of my job, though.

Nice! Definitely a good pace. :-)

I’m doing well with my goal of sipping down swapped and purchased samples, with 40 sample sipdowns so far.

I’m thinking I’d like to set some goals for myself with small rewards. More motivation is always a good thing!

Tabby said

40?! That’s amazing!

They’re all 1-2 serving samples though! :P

Arby said

Still counts!

I’m keeping my full and sample counts separate because otherwise I feel like a cheater! ;)

Kittenna said

I’m definitely counting sample sipdowns, hahaha. They are easy, yes, but it also visually reduces bulk, which makes me feel better :D

Oh definitely, the decluttering aspect is one of the main reasons I’m trying to sip down samples.

hawkband1 said

I’m not doing so well if the goal is reduce cupboard size. I’ve sipped down two teas and taken in about 30! I have a bad case of Shiny! Want! ;)

Total for Jan: 7

I made my January goal this morning: 15. I’ll have at least a couple more before February arrives. Keep going, everyone!

Yaaaay! ❤

Kittenna said

Good job! I’m currently ahead of my pace, but need to locate a few more one-cup samples so I keep it up!

End of January update!

I ended up with 10 full sipdowns and 69 sample sipdowns so far.

I only have a few flavored swap samples left now, hooray!

Wow, that is mighty impressive!

Thank you! I’m hoping to keep up the momentum this month as well. I really want to drink down all of my flavored samples so I can start focusing on paring down my stash when I’m not doing gongfu cha sessions.

January total: 18

My January Sipdown Total was 21! That was a fair mix of single-serving samplers and larger boxes/bags of tea. I’d say my biggest “target” during January was my bagged teas cupboard and clearing out my Par Avion Teas tins.

Finished off the last of my Par Avion tins today!

Tea inventory is down to 514… I think I can feasibly get below 500 by the end of February? That is a goal!

Congrats! And you can do it! ❤

Three days into Feb and I have 3 sipdowns. Two samples, and a full sized tin.

As of this morning, I’m halfway to my February goal, and a third of the way to my stretch goal. How is everyone else doing?

Kittenna said

Nice! I’m currently at 51/365, which puts me ahead of the game by 10? teas. I’d like to be a bit farther along, but I think I need to switch out my bin of close-to-sipdown teas, as I really don’t feel like continuously repeating things until they’re gone.

hawkband1 said

Plus 7 more sipdowns in February so far – mostly oolong. I need to work on my older teas.

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