2019 Year of the Sipdown Challenge

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Well, I fell one tea short of my stretch goal for March. If I had not gotten jammed up at the end of the month with a big family event, people coming in town, countless errands, etc. it would have been simple enough to sip down a sample and get to 15 for the month, but I just didn’t have time to focus on it.

On the plus side, I have one sipdown for April so far.

hawkband1 said

I have about 10 sipdowns in the last 2 months. I’m only down two teas overall in the stash. I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. I need to go back to the roasted oolongs and the older teas in tins. And all of the smaller packages…
I want to order more tea. I’ve got a cart full of white tea I want to buy.

I have teas I feel as though I’ll never sip down — it’s like they multiply overnight. Unfortunately, I think I have to sometimes pick the ones with not as much left even if I like them more, just so I can record the sipdown. Cold brews are big leaf-eaters, too, so anything that seems like it would be nice cold and that I have enough of to make a pitcher with goes into the pitcher. Mine takes 8 David’s tea spoons full, so that makes short shrift of many in my stash.

hawkband1 said

I have some tea I need to purge – even without drinking it! A few that I’m worried might have gone off, but I’m a little afraid to open to check. :0 And just toss the smoked lapsang souchong…
I should go do that tonight. I don’t like tossing teas, but I’m never gonna drink it anyway.
I like cold brews a lot. It just needs to be warmer here first.

Just over halfway through April, and I am close to my goal (though not the stretch) for this month. After today I’ll either have reached it or be one tea away.

How is everyone else doing?

Over 600 teas again; so not exactly where I’d like to be. Goal this weekend is simply to get under 600 – sticking with short term goals right now.

I’ve been wanting to drop my count by 25 each month but I’m at 465 right now so I can tell I’m probably not going to reach 450 in a mere 10 days. It’s okay though, since I was setting my sights a bit high when I’ve mostly been working through really big packages that have been taking me a long time to get through. I’ve sipped down 13 teas so far this month.

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