2019 Year of the Sipdown Challenge

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Kiki riki said

Hi everyone.
Can enybody answer on few question to me:
1. One cup is …? ml or oz
2. one sip is …? 1 cup of tea…? 1-5 brewing of 5 g tea…?
I’m interesting in the challenge becouse, when I brew my tea, always intend to use leafs maximal, 5 time usualy (gong fu style of course)… or even more if it is oolong and I drink it with my family. So, I drink about 300 to 500 ml a day. How much sip is that. Oh.and every day drinking diferent tea, (I have about 10-15 type of tea, and change it every day)

Hi Kiki riki! Sipdown as used here just means drinking the last of a tea in your cupboard. It doesn’t depend on the size of a sip. :-)

I just made my June quota of 10. Barely.

How is everyone else doing?

Kittenna said

With my month-end DT roulette, I launched well past the halfway point of my 365 sipdowns for the year! So I’m doing fairly well. The discovery of iced tea is also helping me sipdown a few teas that I have in greater amounts, so it’s not all one-cup samples!

Awesome! Keep it up!

I think I had about 10 sipdowns in June… but my count could be off. I’ve been extremely busy. I’m not really working on sipdowns/tea reviewing at the moment. I’m in the middle of a house move at the moment, and starting the arduous task of packing up my tea collection. Large parts of it are already in boxes. So the whole thing is going on hold until the transition takes place.

hawkband1 said

Good luck with the move!

hawkband1 said

My spreadsheet is down about 20 teas even with the 10-15 that I caved and ordered. I think there’s a few more to go at work. Summer always kills my tea consumption, though I’ve been trying to make a lot of cold brew.

Kittenna said

20 teas! I can’t even imagine that. I probably have 100 or so just sitting on my kitchen counter in sipdown baskets!

I hear you on the summer vs. tea thing. I just had my first sipdown of the month because I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and drank no tea while traveling.

LuckyMe said

I’ve got close to 70 teas myself but my overall stash isn’t that large because most of them are samplers. I prefer variety over large quantities of any particular tea.

Cold brew is a godsend in the summer. I’ve been able to sip down many of my less loved teas this way.

Arby said

I’m lagging quite far behind, but I’ve got a few sipdowns happening each month.


Only got 5 in for July, and because I went on vacation that month, I feel like my progress for the year was rather ruined by the tea shopping I did during vacation, meh. Right now I still can’t really do any decent tea drinking because for two months now my collection has been stuck in moving boxes while I’m still stuck in escrow hell. Will have to update my inventory/counts at some point with the stuff I bought on vacation, some of the stuff I restocked had been things I sipped down and I don’t count “every instance” of a tea; if it’s in my inventory, it isn’t sipped down, heh.

Better than I did — I only had 4 for July. I am going to try to make it up this month.

hawkband1 said

I’m at 238 teas (according to the spreadsheet). Minus 5 more at home, but plus the 4 teas I got yesterday. So 237 total. I’d like to get down another 5 teas by the end of the month. I gotta work on my oolongs and puers.

All right sipdowners! How is it going?

Summer continues to be slow for me. As of today, the last day of August, I have only recorded 5 sipdowns for the month. I may be able to squeeze one more out, but I won’t make my 10 tea goal for the month. That’s twice in a row. Bummer!

On the other hand, I’m at 90 sipdowns for the year, so I’ll easily make it over 100 by the end of 2019. Not that that is a metric I’ve been working toward.

I expect things will pick up for me as it gets cooler.

My August count was 6… honestly, not too horrible for being in the middle of a house move! Still working on unpacking but feeling mostly settled (aside from being short on a lot of furniture that I’ll just have to pick up little by little as $$ permits over the next several years). Definitely no tea budget for some time so that is going to help with the sipdown-ness since I’ll have to make due with the large tea collection I have to get by while my budget is tight from buying a house for a while! Hoping to get back into the swing of tea-drinking and catching up on my backlog of reading on Steepster now that craziness is over with.

Peach said

Congrats on buying a house!

Thank you!

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