2019 Year of the Sipdown Challenge

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I got 11 Sipdowns in for September! (I also had to trash one tea from rancid coconut, but I didn’t count that one toward the sipdown count, even though it dropped my total tea count). Looking at total numbers I don’t think I’m going to get close to the amount of sipdowns I did in 2018, thanks to how little tea-drinking I did over the crazy-house-buying-months when everything was packed up… but at least I have two things motivating this year. a) spent amount is waaaaaaay down so the amount going out is way more meaningful since there isn’t bucketloads coming in, and b) more larger/older packages being sipped down rather than just single-serve samplers so the amount/space is larger even if the number isn’t. I’m continuing to work at it mostly focusing on the oldest teas in the cupboard.

Congrats! That is excellent.

The bad news is I fell short again this month, but only by 2. I had a total of 8.

The good news is that the overall count is going well. The next sipdown will take me to 100 for the year!

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I had to throw two teas out this month due to soured coconut, which I did not count as sipdowns, though that did lower the total amount left in my inventory. I had 15 sipdowns! Right now my inventory is sitting at 444 teas and I’m continuing emphasis on 2017 acquisitions.

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Sadly, I did not make my goal again this month. Only 4 for the month of October.

I do have two for the month of November so far, though.

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I had 8 sipdowns for November!

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And I had 12 sipdowns in December. I got in 151 sipdowns over the whole year, which was down from 2018, but way more of those sipdowns were larger bags that took longer to get through versus small samplers. I also lost a lot of traction during the hectic months I was in the middle of my house move.

I am going to continue to emphasize working through my collection than getting new tea since the mass I acquired in 2017/2018 is just going to keep getting older and degrading in flavor, and until it is gone, I wouldn’t have the space for newer, fresher teas anyway.

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