New from Canada (B.C.)!

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Will said

A lot of good local Chinese tea shops in Vancouver and Richmond. Best Tea House in Richmond, Aroma Teahouse in Vancouver (both branches of well known Hong Kong tea shops). There is also The Chinese Teashop, Spring Cottage Teahouse in Richmond (if it’s still open), maybe a couple others.

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missPrizm said

Hi! I’m new too and also a Canadian from Toronto. I haven’t bought any teas other than David’s Tea and Ten Ren (both locally) but I know I’m missing out, so I’m also curious for suggestions.

Sil select said

If you find any great places in toronto and area, hollar! I’m in the same boat as you, and in the same place ;)

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Pekoe said

I know what you mean, the lower rainland :/ but it is always nice to chill on a rainy day with a nice hot cup

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