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Shanti said

Gingko, what’s the difference between your “modern” style green Tie Guan Yin and ¥our “traditional” style green Tie Guan Yin?

I once wrote a blog about 3 styles in Tie Guan Yin. But it’s very short and I plan to write a bit more in the future. Here is my short blog entry:

Modern Green Style: light oxidation, explicit floral fragrance. Kept in cool or fridge temperature when sealed.
Traditional Green Style: More implicit floral fragrance. Flavor is not as strong as in modern style, but more stable over infusions, and last for more infusions. Longer shelf life. Kept in cool room temperature.
Traditional Heavy Roast Style: Fruity and sugary fragrance. Long shelf life. Kept in cool room temperature.

More photos are recorded here:

The “modern” style is less oxidized than traditional green style, and tea liquor color is more green and less yellow compared with traditional style. The modern style was developed in mid-late 1990s under the influence of Taiwan high mountain oolong. It’s closer to green tea compared with most other oolongs. Currently in China, modern style is the mainstream. Traditional styles, both greener and roasted, are rather rare nowadays. But some people (including me) believe they will come back trendy in future.

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