jones5874 said

Traveling with teaware - suggestions?

So I’d like to take my gaiwan (along with tea, of course) with me on my next trip. I have seen a few gaiwan sets that come with a travel case, but I’d really just like the case alone and haven’t found it sold separately. Does anyone know where I can get one? Has anyone used one and do you find it protective enough?

Or of course if anyone has any other ideas regarding the safe transport of teaware, let me know. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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AJ said

I doubt you can get something like that sold separately.

I’d suggest getting one of those box-shaped makeup bags, either something like these two:

or an actual case like this:

And then get a solid block of styrofoam—cut to fit, and chisel out holes for the pieces.

Very DIY, I guess. But even just wrapping them in paper and filling the box with lots of styrofoam peanuts with possibly extra blocks just on the edges for support.

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When I came home from college, I put my cups/mugs/teapot in the bin I keep all of my scarfs on, so it was padded. If you wanted to mix them in with your clothing in your suitcase, they’d be fine. I’ve transported camera lenses that way. It’s not as put-together, but it’s safe.

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Will said

Usually the sets with the case are really cheap. What I did was just put different cups and gaiwans in the cheap case from one of those little travel sets.

Sanshe ceramics in Taiwan has some travel sets with a bit nicer case, and with teaware in it you’d actually want to use. I don’t know of anywhere that carries it, except this guy locally who imported a few (unfortunately, probably not the style you want)

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Here are some great travel sets. Even if you use your own teaware, these are cheap enough not to feel too badly about it.

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