Which new features do you want the most?

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cteresa said

Any chance you could calculate for each user the average rating they give? And maybe show it on their profile, or even after their name on each review. Or going crazy here, maybe even calculate a histogram for each user´s ratings to show on their profile. But seriously, just a simple average just on one place would be interesting to me.

I have finally realized that a users are rating teas very differently, and it would be interesting. Person A rates a tea 85 – but their average rating is 70, that means something. Person B rates another tea 85 – but their average rating is 95, that means something else.

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Utopia Tea said


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bobL said

I’d like a real number on my rating line…
and an accompanying iPhone app.
You are awesome for making this.

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Like many others, I’m interested in a more convenient way to access Steepster from my phone (Android app or a streamlined mobile site).

I think a way to just view all of the teas in my cupboard in a single list would be nice. The little tea-tin view is really cute, but not always as useful.

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I’d love to have a place to rate teaware (pots, brewing equipment, cups, etc.).

Another good feature would be a way to catalog a custom blend from two types of packaged/catalogued tea. (I tried searching for Teavana’s Snow Geisha, and found about three different custom blends that had “Snow Geisha” in the name—it took me a minute to figure out which was the one I was searching for, and why there were so many different types of “Snow Geisha” listed.) Ideally, there would be a way to easily identify which teas are sold “as is” and which teas are custom blends. Custom blend pages would also ideally have information in the tasting notes about what ratio of each type of tea/herb/spice was blended to create the custom blend.

I’d also love a feature enhancement to actually see what rating number I’m giving a product — the current interface is difficult to use accurately.

Another good feature enhancement might be to find a way to accurately account for over brewing in tea rating. One of the teas I rated had horrible reviews, but almost half of the reviews were made by individuals who had steeped the tea (a green herbal blend) for 10 minutes or more and then complained about the bitter taste (common in over-steeped green tea). It’s hard to tell at a glance if a tea is being discounted because it’s being improperly prepared or what.

I’d also love a feature that allowed us to flag duplicate tea listings for deletion or merging. (Possibly with a way of providing admins with links to all listings for that tea.)

Another thing that would be helpful is a way of specifying whether the tea is loose leaf or bagged.

Cofftea said

Teaware → for now, set up teaware reviews like this: http://steepster.com/teas/teaware/15372-breville-one-touch-tea-maker

Blends → Just name it and then use “Custom” for the brand. (I agree, “tagging” teas in blends would be nice)

Rating → This and a couple other of your suggestions have already been mentioned. Please search for ideas before posting. Discussion keyword search now works for this thread (it didn’t always)

Oversteeping→ I like this idea, but would expand it for all fataliTEAS (old tea, blending w/ something that didn’t work) and there could be a box to check for that. This, of course would be a lot more practical if we were allowed to give each log individual ratings

flags→ for now, PM one of the admins and they’ll take care of it

Bagged vs. loose→ Just make a new entry and add “bagged” (adding the weight of the bag might be nice) or "loose leaf.

Apologies about the duplicate suggestions — I didn’t quite have the energy to wade through all 27 pages of suggestions.

Love your suggestion about including all fataliTEAS.

Making a new entry for bagged vs. loose doesn’t seem like such a great idea. I saw something similar earlier, and it just looked like a duplicate entry that most users ignored or didn’t even find. The first entry (which didn’t even specify loose or bagged) was full of tasting notes for both, while the second entry had very few tasting notes at all. Having a tag for that, or even a way of specifying how much tea you used while brewing a non-bagged tea would be great.

Cofftea said

Again, no need to wade thru as the search works.

Well, ultimately it’s up to users to use it. I think the new entry is fine.

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Carla said

On the Places page, if a shop has been closed, it’d be great if the map marker was in a different color, or grayed out or something. The number one listed tea place in my area has been closed for a few years now, yet as it (was) the closest to my location, it is still listed first. Or perhaps an option to not view places that have closed.

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It will be awesome if u could put a background image in the account page :D

perhaps like a twitter of “what tea are you drinking now?” hahahah

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MaddHatter said

I don’t know if this has already been requested, but I would like a way adjust how many times I have drank a particular tea without having to add a new drink note for each time I have had it?

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a place where I can add a status update!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of quips or thoughts I wanted to share on this site, but couldn’t because there is no available place except for the tea ratings. For instance, if I am frustrated at not having access to hot water for tea! Where can I vent that?

Cofftea said


yeah… that means pushing tea in my friend’s faces. I haven’t got many that appreciate it the way I do

Cofftea said

Um yeah, so? It’s your page. I hate it when people tell others what to write (or what not to write) on their own page. Usually gets them defriended.

I see your point but if there is nobody on my fb to “talk tea” with then the fun of a status update is lost. Atleast here if I post something about not having any hot water available, people will understand my frustration and even sympathize. On fb… it would be more like “so what?” or “drink water instead” etc.

MaddHatter said

Oh the perils of people not seeing eye-to-eye about what we’re passionate about. ;o) I get how you feel, ’though my friends tend to moch me about how intrenched I am in this passion so quickly…

I second, third or whatever this suggestion, facebook friends really don’t understand my obsession, to bad you couldn’t link this with twitter or something. Status updates would be a great feature.

Uniquity said

I think I might be misunderstanding you (Seattle Tea Snob) but Steepster is linked with Twitter. When you write a tasting note, there is the option to post on facebook or Twitter. (Lower left corner, you can check one or both boxes).

Yeah sorry I wasn’t very clear about that, I do have the feature that you mentioned set up. I meant that a sort of reverse connection would be neat, such as folks here on steepster being able to see our tweets.

Uniquity said

I figured I wasn’t getting it straight. That would be neat. Very few of my FB and ‘real life’ friends are big into tea either.

Ohhh my friends mock me to. but I don’t care! ha.
Is anyone here on FB?? If I can add you, and make a special “tea friends” list then I CAN post status updates! not as fun as if it were on steepster but better than nothing :)

I’m not on Facebook anymore, wasted to much time so I shutdown my account. I am on Twitter @seattleteasnob and hoping to be on Google+ in the near future. Also, something to think about, we could create a new tea and call it “status update” and everytime someone reviews it it acts as a status update. Not a great idea mind you, but it would show management we are serious. :)

Oh I’m not on twitter. Without a smartphone, there is really no point, and my life is consumed enough by internet communication as it is! :P
hehehe I’ve done the status update thing. I titled it “My version of a status update” by “Ramblings of my mind” —maybe if we all start using it, or some variation of, then they will implement it on the site? :)

its 2011 and you don’t have a smartphone?!? how is that even possible? :)

I like the status update thing perhaps i’ll steal it :)

Most of my spare cash ends up going into tea… and I haven’t got the monthly budget to add data charges so either way I’m broke! oh and my laptop just died— This one is borrowed til I can get a new one, in a year or so lol
Yes, please!! if we all do it then who knows what will happen :)

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MaddHatter said

I am not sure if this has been previously posted, and I will admit, I am too lazy to look and see if this has been posted already… But, I would like to have an option to organize my virtual cupboard into teas “I share with friends”, “I drink daily”, “Sunday teas” ect? This along with the ability to edit how many times a person drinks the teas on their shelf would be ideal editions to this site.

and how much of it they have! I never buy more than 50g at a time, less if it’s an option

Cofftea said

Just do a search. We already have tons of repeat posts/threads here because people are too lazy. Please don’t clog steepster with spam just because you’re lazy.

MaddHatter said

Irony, I tried a search and not even my post came up..? It only came up with 8 posts (8 months old) on cupboard oragnization, but not about virtual cupboards, I got lucky I guess, I hope. ;o)

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