Which new features do you want the most?

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SimplyJenW said

I have no idea if this has been mentioned, but the way posts are sorted has changed. I have a tea that I have logged several times, but the featured post is one that no one “liked”, while my next one 28 people liked and it had a significant conversation tied to it. Honestly, when I look at how other people rate a tea, I am not interested in the post that no one else seemed to think relevant. I would rather see the more significant one first. The way it is now, you have to dig for the most meaningful tealogs and makes them easier to miss….not exactly user friendly.

Joshua said

This might be done through a filter? For instance, I find lower ratings more revealing and would like to bring them to the top. Likewise, most discussed teas could be brought to the top.

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Joshua said

I want a leaf to water ratio. Assuming 1 tsp to every 8 oz doesn’t work too well when you are trying to reproduce someone’s cupping experience.

Jeremy said

Completely agreed! I like a stronger cup when it comes to certain things, so rather than steeping longer, I add a bit more. However, I would have to note this in my description, which is not easy to track with long conversations and to the occasional passer-by.

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Scott B said

It would be nice to have a tab on teas that says “I’m drinking this”. You would click it when you drink it and it would go out on your stream as “Scott B is drinking Keemun Yao A” rather than say, reviewing the same tea 15 times.

Another idea would be to have Twitter-style status updates when you want to share something but don’t have a review to post-such as “I’m excited about a new tea order I got today. I’ll be doing reviews soon”, or “I’m at the mall and you won’t believe what this tea salesperson just said to me…”

Of course both of these features could be abused and clutter peoples’ dashboards with spam, so the features would require separate subscriptions apart from just “following” somebody. That way, if you just want someone’s reviews, you don’t have to wade through the other stuff in your feed.

Angrboda said

RE the second idea.

Or it could be a separate tab on the dashboard, perhaps? Then people who weren’t interested could just ignore it.

I like both of these, especially the latter. It would be a good way for people to get to know each other better, I think.

Ooh, I love the idea of a separate tab for these sort of short status updates!

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How about the ability to ‘follow’ a tea company? I’d love to get notified when a new tasting note is posted about one of my teas!

Also, integration with facebook would be wonderful, especially with an iphone app.

I’m LOVING this tea app (http://teaapp.com/)… Maybe you guys could TEAm up?

I’m glad you like Tea for iPhone. A nice update ought to be out by autumn, but not integration with Steepster (still just FB and Twitter). Maybe someday.

Are you in development with that app? If so, could you drop me an email? I’m very interested in a certain feature that I have questions about. Thanks! info (at) whisperingpinestea (dot) com

Samuel Iglesias is the developer and is really good at responding to emails and incorporating things into the app. I’m the info guy who supplies baseline suggestions and names for teas. The recommendations will be greatly improved in the next update since we had some cross-over for highest temp and longest steep time on quite a few recommendations, which would produce terrible results (some pop up suggesting 5min steep at near-boiling, yikes!) so they will have fixes alongside brewing tips. Right now we are waiting on translators.
To get in touch with the developer, just go to the website you linked to and click “support” at the bottom.

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Tabby said

I’d love to be able to sort my tealog by company. It would just be useful to see what I’ve tried by each brand.

Barb said

Oops, I should have gone to the bottom of the comments before I posted my suggestion! I agree completely.

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Barb said

Now that I have a few more tasting notes in the database, I realize I’d like to be able to sort them by Company or Tea Name. The “New” sort is OK, but the Popularity Sort doesn’t do much for me — what if I loved or hated something and my opinion is way off the consensus?

Still loving Steepster. It’s my favorite social website.

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mrmopar said

i do not think you can improve it much great site and great people!

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I think it’d be neat if I was notified when someone else makes a note on specific teas I am interested in. Now, if I’m not following them… I miss it!

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Sil select said

I’m not sure if this has been asked or not – haven’t had time to filter through 33 pages :) But is it possible for you (or maybe someday us) to consolidate listings for teas where a company has been listed twice under two different names IE. The Persimmon Tree Tea Company and The Persimmon Tree

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I am new here. Let me explore but I generally like the layout, design and features.

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