Which new features do you want the most?

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steeeepster app!
also, maybe a section where you can list teas you are willing to trade? has that been mentioned? is that silly? i’m willing to trade most, but not all. having a second cupboard would be handy. or maybe that’s getting too clunky?

love the idea of a trade options section

Nik select said

These could be icon options in the current cupboard: star icon == “regulars/favourites” as Kasumi mentioned earlier, handshake/recycling icon == willing to swap. That way everything is still in one place and the sorting options can include “sort by favourites” and “sort by swappable” or something.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath, folks. Steepster has been an unanchored little boat for quite some time. Seems to me that the team are taking care of duplicate reports and quick bug fixes, as well as kicking/restarting the server when necessary, but it doesn’t look like there’s any active development, planned or in progress.

icons. brilliant!!

Angrboda said

I like Nik’s idea of icons. (Also, the lack of updates, I think, has a lot to do with them largely focusing on things that are actually making money, rather than Steepster which must surely be an out-of-pocket venture.)

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Mark B select said

I can’t even begin to sort through this whole thread, so please forgive duplicates:

• Tasting Notes – Sort by most recent, most comments, likes, etc.
• Numerical Score – 2nd the ability to see numerical score when using the ratings slider
• Format Text – Markdown cheat sheet, or ability to format text within postings
• Harvest Year – Someway to differentiate between harvest years
• Revenue – Add more ways (without ad clutter) to generate revenue for Steepster
• iPhone/iPad/Android App – I would pay for & use the iPhone app
• Profile Picture – Expand this when you click on it, not just small thumbnails
• Tasting Templates – Choose from, or create your own, and fill in the details

In regards to “revenue,” I’d just like to see Steepster grow, and there be more to motivate development and stability. I like the character of Steepster, so I don’t want to see that overwhelmed by adverts, but I do think there are probably ways to generate click-through revenue or retailer incentives that could bring in a little cash flow.

That’s what I got for now.

Love this list!
Esp: Harvest Year, Tasting Templates.

Zephyr select said

I know amazon does the click through option. There are several podcasts that use that to gain revenue.

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At this point, I would be happy just to be able to submit my tea reviews! :S


Jason admin said

Are you still not able to? Are you hitting an error?

Its fine now! Just a little warning next time would be awesome. :D

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Copious said

Hmm how about a poke option.

Like, you can use a particular tea to ‘poke’ someone with cos you can see the person’s history of tasted tea.

Also, a point system that lets new members ‘thumb up’ someone else’s tea or their selection.

Lastly, inhouse teachat! but as usual the banning of vulgarities and URL links so this magical tea sanctuary i stumbled upon doesnt do to the random advertisement dogs (fingers crossed)

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Amani said

why can’t new users post pictures of places? I’ve got pictures that might be helpful to people and I’m not sure why I have to wait a month to post them

Also you don’t have good photo upload in general

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Amani said

- Ability to organize Cupboard by type of tea (black, mate, oolong, herbal, etc)
- section for tea products (teaware)
- ability to find friends (no need to invite them if they’re already here)
- discussions should be sorted newest to oldest—seems odd to have to the last page to see the most recent comment
- I don’t really understand the order of tea reviews on a tea’s page…I’d like to be able to choose how to sort them, e.g. by most recent and/or seniority of reviewer (e.g. How many tea logs they’ve written)—you can sort a person’s tasting notes, so why not all the tasting notes on a tea’s page? That would be most helpful

I like these especially the type of tea, and tea product ideas!

sculdy said

I would also love a teaware section. More sorting options would be nice too.

Erin said

I too would like this. I recently ordered a tea post and there was no reviews anywhere for it. It would have been nice to be able to find out if anyone else used it.

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Valerie said

The ability to “favourite” forum posts would be great; people post some awesome ideas here on the boards and it would be nice if we could quickly access them for future reference.

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sculdy said

I love being able to “Save to Shopping List” and wish there was an option to do this with Places, i.e. bookmark a place to go to later.

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Daxenobis said

I have a suggestion for tea notes. I think it would be cool if you could make a note for combining two teas together and not have to edit one (or both) of the teas for a note for if you tried it mixed with something else. If that makes sense.

So in your notes it would show tea 1 + tea 2 then note.

yes, place for personal blends! even an area in the notes where you can list further ingredients.

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A Steepster iphone app!

Tabby said

Yes. FFS, I hate doing it on my iPod touch.

Erin said

YES, I went to see if there was one, and there is not. It would be nice to be able to check, view and everything else on the go.

TEArender said

Perhaps they will! and perhaps tea vests not unlike what a journalistic camera reporter would wear, only ours would have pockets for tea leaves and tools, its like a tea utility belt!

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