Which new features do you want the most?

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Leeflea said

Does anyone have any experience with the ‘blooming’ teas? I’ve not but they too have sparked an interest in me. Lee

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Unless I my searching ability fails and it does exist, a button for us bloggers/etc to use so we can link our Steepster account from our site.

AJ said

There was, at one point, a linking-feature and collection of buttons to use… However I can’t seem to find the page anymore (it was somewhere in the Explore tab, possibly near the ‘invites’ section).

Found it; it’s on the Press page:

Just scroll down a bit to “What People are Saying” and look to the right. There’s no copy-and-paste links, just a collection of buttons you can save and use.

sweet, ty!

AJ said

You’re welcome.

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AJ said

Just had a thought based on a habit I do with my personal cupboard.

This has to do with greater cupboard-based functionality and/or sorting.

Firstly, the more obvious: Being able to sort your cupboard or search results by tea type.

Second: Tags or tabs. To explain, whenever I want to make sure I drink more of a specific tea (usually because I’m low on it and want to finish it off and clear it out of my cupboard—reuse the tin, etc., no plans to get more), I mark the tin or bag with a little pink stickynote tab. It’s my “this tea is almost out” marker.

I’ve always liked the “cupboard” space on Steepster. All the teas lined up on digital shelves. Maybe the ability to add a coloured “tab” on the side of those tins, completely for our own purposes. Maybe clicking the tab lets you add… either tags, or a note of some sort, so you’ll remember what you “tabbed” that tea for. Also useful to help you spot specific teas in your cupboard, if it’s quite a large collection.

I don’t know the likelyhood, probability or possibility of the kind of idea I’m asking for, but I thought I’d put it out there.

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Would be great if we could see the number of the rating we are giving to a tea. It’s impossible to see since the scale is just “smile faces”, so sometimes if I’m feeling moderately good about a tea I might accidentally give it a score like a 60, when it was intended to be more of an 70-80 or so.

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pavl said

When searching for teas, there’s an option to select all types but I would like a deselect all or clear selection button incase I’m looking for a particular type from a place.

Seconded. Not having this is annoying.


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Lala said

I am still new to this site but these are my observations so far. I haven’t read through this whole thread so some (or all) of these ideas may have been posted before.
1. A mobile app for cell phones/mobile devices.
2. There are some reviews of tea accessories on this site, but a separate area to review and rate tea accessories would be nice.
3. A separate area for retailers/tea companies to post coupons or discounts. I find it hard to scroll through all of the threads to see who is offering a deal.
4. A way for steepster to make recommendations for you based on the tea you like. Many book retailer websites do this. (ie. People who like (the tea you just said you liked/bought), also liked (blank).
5. An interactive map so that you can see where your fellow steepsters are. Similar to the map of the tea shops you already have. This could be optional for those who don’t want there location shown.

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cuppaT said

A way to search my replies in discussions would be nice. (I have seen and used this on other forums.) It really comes in handy when trying to find old threads that interested me, and also to be able to acknowledge any replies to my responses in discussions initiated by others.

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Lendo said

I’d like to see how many views/replies a topic has. As of now you don’t know if anyone has even viewed your topic.

Woohoo #1000 :P

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Add a select none feature to tea searches! I currently have to unclick all of them to only select one type of tea.

Jason admin said

Actually, if you just click the type (black, oolong, etc) that will uncheck all of the others. It’s totally confusing and not ideal, you’re not the first person to be confused by it :)

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Times showing as posted 3 hours ago when you just posted it hurts when it comes to checking for new responses..

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