Which new features do you want the most?

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Gene said

it would be nice if when we come to a posting that the most recent postings are shown first, and the older ones are further down the queue.

Like!!! (Exactly my thoughts, Gene, after making it to page 43 of this post to see what the last comment was.)

Angrboda said

If you click the time stamp out on the right instead of the topic title, it takes you to the newest comment.

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Angrboda, great tip. Thank you!

Angrboda said

You’re welcome :)

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za-hi said

group the tea classes with in each tea type. for example under oolong, group all of the tieguanyins, so we know which is the best kind and it would be easier to search for what we are looking for. if that makes any sense. i think this would declutter everything.

also when someone makes a tea entry or tea company that someone already has made, then there should be a suggestion that someone else made something similar. allowing the person to edit some of the information of a tea spot. this way old information could be modified and it would eliminate multiple entries.

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When I’m on a touchscreen device, it’s actually difficult to impossible to drag the little water temp/time bars. Is it possible that, when a mobile device is detected, that a drop-down menu is used instead? Or it could even be a user preference across all devices—-the draggable bars are difficult for me to use, whereas a drop-down I can click just fine.

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Lotus said

Hello! I’m new to teas and to this community. I came here looking for reviews, but I also find that I have questions about steeping certain blends etc. I’d like to see a tab on the tea page for people to ask/answer questions without interfering with the review pages.

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Hi there! Love the site, here way too much. :) One thing I would like to see is a thumbs-up, like, or up-vote button. Sometimes I like what people say, but don’t really have anything to say back. It would be nice to acknowledge their cleverness in some way.

Thank you for making Steepster!

+1 (I totally agree!)

Confetti said

Like. :)

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This seems like it should be so obvious, but I haven’t seen anyone recommend it in recent history:

When I go to a specific tea’s page, instead of only an indication of the last time I logged it, how about a link to go directly to my tasting notes for that tea? Now that I’m nearing 200 notes, I’m finding it a chore to go back and read old logs. Isn’t it a good portion of the reason for a tea log to have it available for reference? I like to review notes for teas I had a while back to remember specific things that I may have forgotten. The rating system is a helpful guide to remind me which teas are worth shopping for again, but I can’t buy every tea that I have rated high, so I need easy access to my reviews for each too.

For now, I think I will have to copy my log to a text file of my own so that I can search through it.

Anna said

+1 (in addition to all the other similar suggestions and requests in the thread)

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alice said

I’d love to see a group feature. There don’t seem to be too many Australian members and I’ve love to be able to easily find people reviewing teas that I can buy locally. Alternatively being able to search members by town or city would be helpful too.

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I’d love to have some of the features that Beer Advocate has, like rankings and categories. I can’t imagine why this site doesn’t have rankings yet, actually. I want to know what the best teas out there are!

Jude said

Stephanie, you can click on ‘teas’ next to the steepster logo to bring up the rankings. To see rankings for an individual category, just click on the name of that category on the list running down the right of the page.

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Lala said

I would like to be able to write a review and save it without publishing it. Sometimes I like to get some notes down but don’t want to have everyone read it yet because I’m not done reviewing. It also save a lot of notes from being “liked” and then reappearing several times on the dashboard after edits.


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