Which new features do you want the most?

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I hate being that person, but…

First, LOVE that the review pages have been updated. They look great on my computer.

The but part: it looks like there was also some great work done on the mobile device review pop up… And for the most part I love that, too. The steeping time, number rating, and temperature are still on slides, though, that do not function well at all on my iPad.

You have to do the same thing as before: tap over and over multiple places until you get in the general area of where you want. I’ve just reviewed a Darjeeling and couldn’t get time, temp or numerical rating where I wanted them and just left them where they got nearby.

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Lion select said

This may have been suggested already, but I’d like to be able to filter search results by Steepster score, or at least SEE the Steepster score on the search results so I can see which teas are really coveted by the community without having to visit the page of each one.

Jude said

+100 This would be the best improvement, would make it so much easier and less time consuming finding teas to try, and make better use of our ratings. Today I wanted to see which are the best Kenyan teas and there’s no way to do that search.

+1 For sure! I would love to be able to do this instead of searching each tea individually and comparing it.

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Instead of having a “Find a Tea” searchbar, I’d be nice to just have it search throughout all of steepster, or at least search usernames/screennames. Countless times have I typed in a friends name in the searchbar because I keep forgetting that that search only comes up with teas!

Also if teaware and such are included. Actually I can’t figure out where the link to the Teaware section is at all, I only accidentally stumbled across the site address on the discussion boards.
And ‘like’ or ‘+1’ type buttons on posts/subposts. Sometimes I just want to indicate that I like a post or comment without actually having anything to contribute to the discussion.
… now that I read that back, maybe I just want a facebook of tea. o__o

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kennymac9 said

I think a steepster app would be awesome!

There’s already an app in Beta testing!


It looks like they’ve filled all the spots, so maybe you’ll get in on the next wave or when it’ll be out for everyone :)

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Lotus said

I’d like the ability to add personal tea notes. I’m not confident enough to give an official review as I think of myself as a newbie in the tea world. So I’d like to be able to jot notes down on the teas in my Cupboard to sort how long I steeped it for, whether or not I fancy that tea with a sweetener etc.

Oh, just write tasting notes, Lotus! That is what they are for. No Steepsterer is writing an “official review”. :D

Pyroxy select said

Seconded! The ratings on here are crowd-sourced, so every bit of input helps…and I don’t think any of us are getting paid for it, so we’re all unoffical reviewers. :D

As others said: don’t feel you have to hesitate. The majority of us here are purely enthusiasts of ranges brand new to since forever in our familiarity with tea over-all, specific types, various producers, whatever. No matter what we just sip and share what we think. Reviews don’t even need be serious. There are many I’ve read with humor in them and all the scoring is subjective… And reviews often include the variations people have made in steeping that one tea and what sweetener or creams they like with it or a comment on how they feel it relates to another tea or whatever.

In my long-winded way I’m just saying, this place is for sharing with others leaning about and lovers of tea. Being a newbie doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel free to give your own reviews. Since all are subjective yours are just as important.

That said, us each having our own little notes section on the teas in our cupboard and such in our profiles for when we’re not reveiwing would be a great bonus, I agree!

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carol who said
Thanks for all you do! You guys do a great job so I hate to complain. I’ve been a bit annoyed with the “flavors and scents that you notice” part of the tasting notes. There all sort of weird things but not the basics. No bergamot, no lemon just lemon zest, no fruity, no cardamom, no mint, no cherry, no strawberry. Do we really need bok choy, chicken soup and sand? If we could just write in our own it would be much easier. Right now its very limited.
Ubacat said

I second this. I haven’t been leaving anything in there because it’s too frustrating trying to find something. I put an email in for some but saw they were never added.

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Clint select said

I’m new here, but I would love to see a Steepster mobile app! Love the site so far. Thanks for doing a great job and creating such a nice community for tea addicts!

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I would like to be able to list the amount of tea we have of a tea in the cupboard section. I like to list all of my teas in my cupboard, but it makes it difficult when I go to swap and someone picks teas that I only have a small sample of or maybe only enough for a cup. If we could list the amount, then people wanting to swap with us will know what teas we have enough of to swap.

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looseTman said

The teas page http://steepster.com/teas has categories for “Highest Rated”, “Most Popular”, etc. Perhaps ratings like this one http://steepster.com/cavocorax/posts/232184# deserve a special category – “Hall of Shame”?

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I think Steepster should already know what teas they sent me, so I don’t have to search for it finding 5 identical ones :\

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