Which new features do you want the most?

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Mandy said

I wish there was a slider on tea reviews to indicate if and how many times the tea was/can be resteeped. I’m still new to knowing how to steep different teas so I always check the tea page, but if I want to see if it’s resteepable I have ctrl+f and search for “resteep”. I would love for the average to be at the top next to time and temperature. I would also like for average amount of tea used to be in that little bar as well, considering there’s an average water amount there.

+1, I agree… Just getting into resteeping as well. :]

apt said

Mandy, this wouldn’t work because different brewing parameters have different resteeps. I could get 20 steeps in a gaiwan and then go to a mug and get 5 western brews for the same tea.

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The slider for the water temperature doesnt give 100% accurate in Celsius (i’m referring to the part where we add tasting notes), can this be fixed please. Celsius should be shown in 1 degree increments.

Also, what about weighing water, there is no grams option for the water.

Thanks. Nice site btw. Some really appealing features to the site and seems a pretty awesome community.

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Better interface for iPad. The slider doesn’t work very well for iPad. I can’t seem to get it to slide at all. So I have to choose a point by touching, then if that isn’t the right score, choose a point way away from there, and try again. That’s doable, but there was one place where the slider space was so small I couldn’t do that. So, I had to just give up.

I have no PC or Mac. I’m all iPad. This is one of the few sites where the interface doesn’t work well.

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On a tea page, the summaries of the tasting notes at the top show what I believe are the old usernames of Steepsterers, but when it shows the full tasting notes it does show the current username of that person. I wish that would be fixed, it’s confusing seeing two usernames of people!

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I’d like an option to filter through tasting notes on a tea page easier.
Like have a dropdown menu saying filter by recently posted, most liked, highest or lowest rating, alphabetical by user

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Arshness said

Ability to update my status without reviewing a tea, i.e. just to be able to post a status update so I can say hi to friends, tell them what I’m thinking, and say general tea stuff without adding a tasting note :)

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How about putting the newest posts on top. Or on the first page instead of having to go to the last page to see the newest post or reply. I find it a little annoying I click on a discussion to see the latest reply and then still have to click on the 56th page to see what the reply was instead of seeing it on page 1 at the top.

Mandy said

If you click on where it says like “14 minutes ago” or what ever, it leads you to the most recent reply (:

Well thank you very much, Mandy. It never even occurred to me to try that. LOL.

Cheri select said

That only works most of the time. For example, when I clicked that for this thread, it took me to a blank page.

Anna said

Yeah, I get that blank page thing, too, all the time.

You are right. It’s happening to me too now. I just tried it that first time and it worked, but now it’s doing it to me as well.

Mandy said

Yeah, this one seems to be the only exception for me. Maybe # of replies is a factor?

Keep happening to me with other discussions as well. I definitely hope they can somehow take care of that. Also, I’m going to be in FL next week and hoping to find a good tea room down there. Gonna be in the Tampa area. What area are you from, Mandy? If you are from the Tampa area, can you recommend any tea rooms around there. Thank you.

Mandy said

I’m in Orlando which is sort of far from tampa so I don’t know of any that I’ve personally tried. But I’m seeing some great reviews of Kaleisia, Green Island, and TeBella. Looks like there’s a lot of choices in tampa, which makes me quite jealous because Orlando basically only has 2 that I know of. We do have all the theme parks so I guess we can’t have it all here in Orlando haha. My boyfriends uncle lives in Tampa, though, so if you find any good ones, let me know for the next time I’m down there! And have fun in Tampa! Are you going to Busch Gardens?

I will definitely let you know. I have been seeing the Kaleisia reviews and I am definitely going to stop there and check it out. I will let you know. And I think I am gonna go to Busch Gardens. I might make the drive over to Orlando as well. It’s looks like it’s about 3 hours from Tampa. I would swing to Orlando to go to Universal Studios. Ever been there? If so, is the 3 hour drive worth it? Also, let me know of the 2 tea rooms in your area. I wouldn’t mind checking them out either if I were to head out to Universal Studios. And thank you. I sure hope I do have fun in Tampa.

Mandy said

Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from a 7-day cruise. I actually have annual passes to Universal Studios, Disney, Sea World and Busch Gardens, so I clearly think its worth it to go (;. The 2 tea shops I know are over here in east orlando, so about another 30 minutes past Kissimee/Orlando where the theme parks are so I don’t know if you want to come out that far, but there’s Dandelion Communitea, which I’ve heard some great things about but have yet to try since moving closer to it about a month ago. There’s also Infusion Tea, which I plan on checking out this month. They even have some of their teas on steepster.

Just got back from Tampa. Went to Kaleisia. Definitely have to go. Great little place. I spent a good chunk of change in there, so beware if you go. I say that not because it’s too pricey, but because I purchased so many things. Lol. So when you are in the Tampa area. Definitely swing by.

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When writing a tasting note and putting in the amount of tea used, it does not allow you to have partial teaspoons (if I type in 1.5, it changes it to 1 when I post the note). I wish this were an option considering 1.5 tsp is a fairly common amount.

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Rasputkid said

Ability to see rankings and popularity across teas returned matching your specific search criteria. So if I search for Keemun, it would be great for it to call up all Keemuns to a search page where they show with rankings and I could order by top, etc. This capability clearly exists for single companies and for categories like “black teas” but I have been failing to be able to order across specific tea types. Thanks!

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Skysamurai said

It would be really nice if the tea log could be put in alphabetical order. Easier to go and edit notes.

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