Which new features do you want the most?

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I’ll bet this has already been brought up, but having a page where it lists all of the topics I’ve subscribed to and the topics I’ve made myself would be marvelous.
The search function is kind of a pain in the butt when trying to find a specific topic.

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Review in “most recent” order please… please…. please….

+1 this, pleaseeee!

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I’d also like to see company results when I search.
Ex: Searching for Simple Loose Leaf, I should be able to click somewhere to see all SLL teas. Instead, I have to click on a tea, then click on the company. Making the company name linked in search results would solve.

From search results, I’d also like a one-click to add/remove from cupboard.

Also, a way to delete or flag a tea as duplicate, especially if it has no notes logged.
See: http://steepster.com/search?q=duplicate

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Riley-NZL said

More photos, allow galleries for users, and photos in these discussions, as well as fixing adding photos to Tea pages. Create Categorized forums.

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iPhone and iPad app please! I would use steepster way more often then. I’m using y iphone right now to type this and the desktop website on my browser is really annoying. With an app I would use steepster x5 times a day instea of once a week like I do now :(

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Elincello said

I agree that an app would be great! Something like this: http://teaapp.com/

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Arshness said

A decent text editor including ability to post images easily. :c

apt said

i don’t know, I really like the simplicity of the textbox…

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apt said

how about a chatbox for casual chat? talking via forum posts and comments isn’t efficient.

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cookies said

Ability to post images – I think this would be a well used important feature. Being able to show leaves unfurling, liquor color, etc. would be really useful.
Better forums – The way the forums are set up is pretty messy. It’s actually why I lurked for so long before finally creating an account. Having separate distinct sections would be fantastic. Subforums to discuss green tea, oolong, tea promotions, teawares, etc. Something like vBulletin with a chat window up top would be absolutely brilliant.
I agree with hapatite that searching for companies should be easier. It’s not a huge deal, but it would be a nice feature.

Also having a like/thanks/+1 etc. button is super useful on forums. It really cleans up discussions when you can just click a button instead of having six people reply with “thanks” or “this”.

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Having tasting notes for teas go from newest to oldest. Being able to sort your own notes by company.

looseTman said

+1 Having tasting notes displayed from newest to oldest would be very helpful as teas can vary from one year to the next due to climate, weather, annual rainfall, etc.

Searching through a popular tea such as the Golden Monkey (9 pages & 82 ratings) looking for the most recent tasting notes is not very time-efficient.

It would also be helpful to have a question on the “Review this tea” form that asks what year the sample was grown or purchased. Thanks!

Anlina said


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