Which new features do you want the most?

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AJ said

A piece of code that requires that all new users post once in either a welcome thread or welcome forum before they are able to post anywhere else, or at the very least before they are able to create their own threads (probably done with a user ranking system: Newbie, Regular, Moderator; Newbies are only allowed to post in the New User thread, once this reply is made the system auto-promotes them to Regular where they are given access to all forums).

Makes it easier for moderators to patrol one thread and catch spammers before they even start the attack proper.

Good idea! A report spam button could be another useful tool to combat this.

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looseTman said

It would be very helpful if on the teas page one could sort by shou/ripe & sheng/raw as opposed to the broader category of puerh.

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I’d like to be able to block an individual user.

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Linda said

*Ability to flag a post for being spam or flat-out inappropriate.
*Quicker way to add a tea not in the database, maybe like how citation machine imports citation information on a book from the barcode, website, or amazon listing?
*"Dashboard" button link at the top of the pages, alongside Tea, Places, and Discussions.

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teepland said

I would like to see a way to report duplicate tea listings so they can be merged together into one. Is there a way to do this already and I just don’t know about this?

And, as others have noted, I’d love to see an app developed since I usually have tea when I am away from my computer and would like to update my notes from my phone. Trying to use the desktop version of Steepster on a phone is extremely difficult since the pages do not load in a format friendly to mobile use.

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green1 said

The beautiful appearance is the most attractive for me, the feature inside must be the taste, a well taste with a beautiful appearance is the best product.

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El Monstro said

How about an option for coffee reviews, would that be doable?
I’ve been sampling different french roasts lately, and thought it would be cool to keep track of those somehow?

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MrQuackers said

Whenever I search using google for "Steepster + Tea X " it takes me to the mobile site.

Meanwhile, I think that searching within the regular site is almost useless.

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LuckyMe said

Please add a captcha to the login page or require new users to confirm registration by email to make it harder for spammers to post. Lately Steepster has been overrun with spam which is hurting the usefulness of this site.

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AJ said

The ability to post quirky reaction gifs as responses and not just links to quirky reaction gifs.

Edit: Also, JC, the bots are posting helpful suggestions now. Or most likely reposting previous suggestions and then pasting their shit links afterwards. THERE’S FIVE IN A ROW.

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