Which new features do you want the most?

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Max Weldam said

I don’t have an computer and would love to use the site more. So a mobile friendly webpage is high up there for me. An app seems excessive, to much hassle in my opinion.

SteveS1979 said

An app would be awesome! I just don’t want to be the one to pay to develop it… agree that the site could benefit from a mobile friendly version… but I’m new, don’t mind me!

Maybe a captcha to help (potentially?) reduce spam posts.

I’m new here; however, the spam posts on the discussion forum are completely inappropriate, and entirely uncomfortable for a morally developed person to deal with. I don’t know how long I could cope with stuff such as that being posted. Is there not a way to prevent this sort of thing? Maybe you could make it so that people can’t start new discussions for a minimum of a few weeks after signing up, and even then, only after being reviewed and approved by a moderator. Who are the moderators on this forum anyway?

And the ability to upload photographs to this website.

derk said

I noticed a discrepancy between the page where you type a new tea review and what shows up after the review is submitted. At the bottom of the new review page, there is a question asking something like “What scents and flavors do you notice?” Whereas after submission, only the word “Flavors” is shown followed by the chosen descriptors.

I don’t use that feature often but a lot of users do. Having two different submission fields for “Scents” and “Flavors” would allow for greater clarity to tea review readers.

So I’m sure it has been mentioned before, but I would love it if when you were in your cupboard, you could sort by black teas, green teas, etc (and then obviously there would have to be a mix category for the things that have more than one type ie: a black tea mixed with green tea). Even just a general sorting by type would be great, even if it isn’t perfect. It would be better than not having it at all. But the sorting is already happening when a tea gets added to Steepster with the check boxes, so it’s already halfway there?

An edit button for when we leave comments on tasting notes. Nothing is more jarring than noticing you made a really annoying typo right after you hit the Post button, but you can’t fix it, other than deleting the whole comment (as there is a delete button), and reposting the whole thing without the egregious error. The forums have an edit button, so why not the comments on the tasting notes? I’m on a lot of medications and my head isn’t always in the best state, so I often don’t notice things until “after the fact,” so an edit feature would be really helpful.

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