Which new features do you want the most?

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LuckyMe said

The “Amount” text field in the tasting notes doesn’t allow you to enter decimals. This is frustrating because many of us use precise leaf ratios that can’t be rounded up or down.

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Arby said

Please have forum threads locked automatically after 6 months or something like that. I understand keeping the threads for those who are looking for information on something years later, but the people who made the threads are usually no longer active or the topic is no longer relevant (eg sales from years ago, companies that are no longer in business). The topics are commented on by spammers and it clogs up the front page with irrelevant posts from 5+ years ago.

I propose threads getting automatically locked after 6 months (or a year) and then you can’t comment on them anymore but you can still read them.

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Please make an app or make the site more mobile friendly! The world is even more app based than when the site was first conceived of and it would really make the site much more accessible!

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