Groundhog's Day Special on 52teas and Man Teas!

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Jillian said

When I was small my dad told me a theory he had that there might actually be a grain of truth to the whole shadow/no shadow thing.

You see the groundhog would only see his shadow if it were a clear sunny day. But during winter those tend to be the coldest as there is no cloud layer to trap the heat and reflect it back to the earth’s surface. Now if it were a cloudy day there’d be less light, so he’d be less likely to see his shadow and the opposite would be true.

So shadow = sun = cold weather = spring will be a while in coming
No shadow = overcast = warmer weather = spring will be soon

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The official announcement from Gobbler’s Knob:

Cofftea said

Our local station said that since it was loudy in PA the shadow was most likely caused by the tv camera lighting… That doesn’t seem fair- pouts. lol, j/k:) While I am disappionted I have to blame not getting an extra pouch on lighting and not the sun, I’m still greatful to get 1 extra pouch.=D

Ricky admin said

Haha CNN stated that Phil only saw his shadow about fifteen times and it was stated that about 30% of the time his predictions are off, actually that he had no predictive powers at all.

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