Pu erh rinsing technique

I have gotten a sampler pack of pu erh teas, it says to rinse

i am a little confused, what counts as a rinse?

do i put the leaves in their strainer and pour hot water through continuously for 15 sec over a sink?

do i put the leaves in their strainer in the pot pout in hot water and drain at 15 sec?

must it be boiling water? warm? cold?

thanks for clearing things up for me!

Also, first steep time 15 seconds, really? it seems so short, followed by 30 seconds?

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Cofftea said

This is the preparation instructions I got from Carolyn:
Amount of leaf: 1g/1oz of water
Temp of rinse water: Boiling (I use just below boiling to preserve the heath benefits)
Length of Rinse Time: 10-15 sec
Temp of water used for steeping: Boiling (See my personal preference above)
Length of 1st Steep: 15-20sec
How to resteep: For cooked pu erhs: Don’t increase steeping time til you find the cup weak, then increase by 10sec.
For raw pu erhs: Increase the steeping time by 10sec starting w/ the 2nd infusion. I personally don’t see the need to increase the steeping times for raw, it’s delicious each time.
Amounts of steeps possible: As many as 12.

thanks, but by rinse, like rinse by dumping water on them for 15 sec continuous and through strainer into sink or rinse like put in bowl of almost boiling water and drain after 15?

Cofftea said

Rinsing is simply doing a 15 sec 1st steep and then tossing it. Water in, wait 15 sec, decant, toss, repeat increasing to 20 and that is your 1st cuppa.

aha! ok sounds easy enough, i guess i’ll find out next weekend how i like pu erh!

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Shanti said

I’ve always understood rinse to mean a short initial steep that is discarded, not a continuous flow of water.

Cofftea said


PeteG said

That is correct.

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