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Purchasing Experience With AquaOvo

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share with you my recent purchasing experience with AquaOvo (http://www.aquaovo.com/IndexE.htm).

I had purchased their Therm-O glass tea tumbler from David’s Tea a few years ago. I have absolutely loved it during that entire time. I use it as a decanter and I love how I can watch the leaves unfurl and that they have lots of room to do so. Tragically, last Sunday I was a little bit less than careful and the tumbler was tipped into my sink from the counter and broke. I was very pleased to find that the exact model was still being made and I ordered another one from their website. My new tumbler came in the mail on the Wednesday of that week!

Unfortunately the strainer didn’t snap in, like it had on my old one. I called them immediately. Customer service was wonderful! We figured out that there was likely a problem in the manufacture of that tumbler and I am happy to say that my new one arrived today with the strainer snapping in just like my old one. They sent me a box to return my old one in as well with paid shipping.

Great teaware, great company! I would definitely recommend purchasing from them in the future!

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It is awesome to hear good things about a company. It seems that all too often the idea of providing good customer service is a thing of the past, and I love it when I hear some positive customer experiences with a company. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us… I hope this will inspire at least one or two new orders for this company, they definitely deserve the business, from the sounds of it.

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