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We’re really interested in tea culture from around the world. Are there any unique tea drinking rituals, or preparation stories that anyone has? We just posted about Moroccan mint tea, but are looking to hear about more!

Here’s our post: http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/blog/tea-culture-morocco/

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chadao said

There are many tea stories and rituals out there, and it is not hard to find information on them. The websites of Teavivre, Verdant, Seven Cups, and Red Blossom have some very good articles, videos, and other resources that describe many of the different ceremonial aspects of drinking and preparing tea. Check them out!

Some of my favorites are the Chinese oolong ceremony, the Chinese gaiwan ceremony (green tea), and the Japanese tea ceremony.

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Bonnie said

These are tea traditions:

I just received a recipe from a Steepster in the U.K. for butter chai.
(Yak Butter would be used but is sour and hard to get!) . Chinese Mongolian.

Orthodox Monks serve tea to guests as a welcome sign of hospitality (with the exception of some in the Pacific Northwest Monasteries ….can’t shake the coffee habit!) .

In Turkey I was served Apple Tea on a tray with small cookies. Apple Tea is traditional.

I have been served Russian tea with sour cherry jam by a Russian Orthodox Priest
(Fr.Basil in Saratoga, CA.)…

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In Russia, a silver samovar (ornate Russian teapot) is customary as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. (Or at least it was in Checkov’s time…)

When drinking maté out of a bombilla gourd from South America (Argentina specifically?), one is supposed to let the leaf float on the top of the water, and not stir it in.

I wish I knew more about different traditions!

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Ninavampi said

In Quito, Ecuador, since we are so high up, we give matte or coca leaf tea to visitors to help avoid altitud sickness! It really does help!

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