52teas Grab Bag Special Inventory Reduction Promotion!

Do NOT miss out!

Time to reduce our inventory a bit. That means big savings for you!

Here’s your chance to grab FOUR of our amazing teas for just $19.99 with free shipping to the US! That’s a savings of 44%! Order up to five of these grab bags and we’ll guarantee YOU WON’T GET THE SAME TEA TWICE! But don’t drag your feet. We have a limited quantity of these available, and when they’re gone, they’re GONE.

What you’ll get: Four of our full-sized pouches of tea, not including any VIT blends or the Doggy tea (no worries there–unless you WANT one). If you have special requests, please make note of them in the special instructions box on the last page of checkout and we will TRY to honor your requests.


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Alphakitty said

Never before have I placed an order that quickly. Mystery teas are my weakness, and combine that with amazingly unique mystery teas from one of my favorite companies? OH YES!

HA I feel the exact same way! I have always loved Grab Bags of any kind – but tea grab bags are of the utmost awesome!

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Azzrian said

Arrruuuggggg why does this happen right as I am about to leave town and can’t budget for tea. LOL can’t wait to hear what people get!

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Babble said

Is there a list of possible teas that will be included? Is it everything currently in stock on the website? Would it be any discontinued blends that aren’t there?

Probably mostly what’s showing on the In Stock page. There might be a few stray pouches I don’t have on the website.

Babble said

Thanks! One more question – just to save you time when requesting blends. Will it come from all categories including the reblends and permanent collection? Or is it mostly going to be coming from the reblends collection? There’s a few permanents I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to waste your time asking for those if you don’t think they’d be included.

If something is showing up on the in stock but has 0 available (like Butterbeer), it most likely will NOT be in the grab bag either, right?

Okay, that was more than one question. You’ve exceeded your allotment for the day. Try again tomorrow. …jk

The idea here is to reduce some of our inventory of non-permanent blends. If there is something you really, really want to try from the permanent blends and I’m well-stocked on it, I might be persuaded to put one in there, but the idea is really to reduce some of the inventory of the non-permanent ones. I might have a few odd pouches that are NOT on the website, but not the Butterbeer (I will be reblended that as soon as I get some supplies in though, which ought to be in another week or so). Let me know if I can answer anything else.

Babble said

Oops – I just saw this now. I already placed an order and put in my preferences, but a lot of them were permanent teas. Although there were a couple re-blends I put in as well. I will follow up with you via e-mail.

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Remember, you can order up to FIVE of these grab bags, and we’ll guarantee no duplicates. So, if you have it to spend, $99.95 will get you 20 different teas and save you $79.85! The more bags you buy, the more you save and the bigger variety you will get!

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Ah Frank, you’re KILLING ME!!!!!!!

Why does everybody keep saying that? I’m just trying to offer people refreshing beverages. :)

You wear innocent well, but it doesn’t mean we believe you!!!

I never claimed to be INNOCENT. But this whole business of wanting to somehow harm people with my teas… well, I don’t get that at all.

No, no, not harm US… harm our BUDGETS!!!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m choosing between tea and food… tea and new shoes… tea and gas….

I’m sorry. :( I do TRY to make it an affordable thing to pamper yourself with.

And you do a GREAT job of it :) In fact, I got my Banana Foster today and I’m excited to start my morning off tomorrow with it! :)

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Done. Dang it. Lol

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Kittenna said

I hate you…… :( :( :(

See, here we go again. Such violence. I’m a nice guy. Really.

Kittenna said

Hahaha, no violence implied. Just frustration! Although, I haven’t yet caved, and may end up not doing so if everything sells out!

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rantHappy said

Crap… I placed another order…

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If I get ANY more tea in the mail, my family will KILL me. :(

Also, I basically have more tea than I can physically drink right now. So I will try to refrain from ordering this and just enjoy hearing from people what they get! People need to post this when their orders arrive so we can see. :)

Babble said

“If I get ANY more tea in the mail, my family will KILL me. :(
Also, I basically have more tea than I can physically drink right now.”

Um… are you me? I totally don’t need this. But I can’t resist. I’ll buy it now and think about what a terrible idea it is later ;)

Kittenna said

I’m with you, Daniel. I was out at a pub when I saw this promo, so had to hold off because I couldn’t purchase it just then, and I really think I shouldn’t, for the above reasons… Well, my roommates, not family.

Babble said

I probably should not have gotten it…. but I’ve also never ordered from 52Teas before so I thought I would give it a chance.

In that case, Rachel, I’m sure it’s worth it!

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tigress_al said

I have no idea where I am going to hide the 2 grab bags that I ordered!! lol. I am going to have to go on a tea drinking bender to get rid of some before the new teas arrive!
Thanks for the sale!

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