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tea lover in belgium

Hi guys,

Its been a few years but i’m still a tea lover. But one of my most beloved website in ordering tea canton tea switched to orders only for businesses. They put a small part of there range on amazon but only in huge bags…

The other site i used a lot is www.jingtea.com and its still wonderful but with brexit looming i’m not sure if ordering from there is going to be a straight forward then it used to be.

What websites do you guys use that are for one cheap on shipping costs and two deliver high quality loose leaf tea from all kinds off territory and specifically without blending pure origin kinds of tea.

Its hard to get around and to find some good websites that don’t take ages for shipping and are cost effective.

So guys and girls i hope some people from belgium or west europe are around here with tips and info!

kind regards!

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For a wide variety of origins from a single seller, I would highly recommend What-Cha. They offer a great range of teas, including some more unusual origins such as Colombia and Georgia. I find their prices very fair, and they have an international free shipping threshold of £36.

For more origin-specific sellers, I love both TeaVivre and Yunnan Sourcing for a great variety of Chinese teas and teaware. Yunomi is great for Japanese teas, and I’ve heard good things about Yuuki-cha as well (though I haven’t tried them yet). I also have a soft spot for Taiwan Tea Crafts, and they offer free shipping on $25 sample orders.

Hopefully someone else can chime in on the best international sellers for Indian and Sri Lankan teas, as those aren’t my favorites so I don’t order them often! :)

What-Cha: https://what-cha.com/
TeaVivre: https://www.teavivre.com/
Yunnan Sourcing: https://yunnansourcing.com/
Yunomi: https://yunomi.life/
Yuuki-cha: http://www.yuuki-cha.com/
Taiwan Tea Crafts: https://www.taiwanteacrafts.com/

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Leafhopper said

I second Teavivre and Taiwan Tea Crafts for their reasonable prices and affordable shipping. What-Cha is in the UK, so I’m not sure how Brexit will affect your ability to get tea from them.

Mountain Stream Teas has free shipping over $25 and Eco-Cha over $35. Hatvala, which sells Vietnamese teas at very competitive prices, charges a flat $5. As for Indian tea, Vahdam has free shipping over $50, and I’m sure there are other companies with similar thresholds. Yunnan Sourcing’s shipping rates can get a bit high, but their prices are lower than average.

These are basically single-country vendors, but I’m sure other Steepsters will chime in with some all-purpose options.

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