Epi Tea said

NEWS: Tea Consumption is Way Up

The GIA (Global Industry Analysts) state that tea consumption in on the rise in america, with Green Tea leading the charge. Does this mean that America will soon be forming a unique tea culture of its own?

Heres an article with more detail on the news: http://epiteablog.com/tea-consumption-is-up/

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Garret said

I’d say we already are :)

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chadao said

Historically, the American tea culture consists of using the dust after the real tea has been prepared to make a flat-tasting brew that is mixed with lots of sugar and some lemon, a.k.a. the famous Louisiana Sweet Tea. As whole leaf tea consumption rises, we will have to look out for an American tea culture that can hold its own with the tea cultures of China, Japan, Taiwan, Great Britain, etc. What will our tea culture consist of? Is the IngenuiTEA/Perfect Tea Maker the start of something already? How would this contraption evolve to make itself a part of a tea culture? Will a new tea culture encourage the mainstream of the United States to slow down a bit? Might we have a reason to escape from our daily grind, get together with friends, and chat over a tea that is prepared in a “proper” way, whatever that may be?

Epi Tea, I would love to hear your speculations on these questions in your future posts. You’re doing a fine job already.

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Kiaharii said

One thing Adagio has mentioned that I think is cool is that we love and use all different types of tea! Green, black, oolong, white and herbals, rooibos, mate, etc. Whereas in places where those tease originate you find consumption of mostly that type of tea. Melting pot and all that I guess. :)

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