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Matcha Recipes

I’m always experimenting with my matcha and was curious if anyone had any good recipes or favourite ways to drink/eat their matcha.

So far I’ve perfected the smoothie and the latte, but I’ve horribly botched a batch of muffins.

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I haven’t tried baking with matcha too too much, but I did add it to a cinnamon bread recipe and it was awesome – but in my opinion it is FREAKINGDELICIOUS in any kind of icing!

I tried it in a buttercream, and I still have good dreams about it! haha :D

Here’s some recipes from my blog, hope they inspire!:

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In what way was your muffin botched?
Usually, I just add or sub some matcha to a recipe and it works fine. Sugar cookies with some matcha could be great! Sometimes acidic ingredients with baking soda can mess with the matcha. not sure of the science but it’s just my own experience.

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